Ways to bring Magic into Your Children’s Life

Ways to bring Magic into Your Children's Life

Teaching children is a never-ending process. Although it is crucial to anchor them solidly, so that they can go on by themselves later on and navigate around the various difficulties that life will bring them, it is also important to be able to open them up to the fantasy world and to teach them about the beauty that surrounds us. Magic can be found in many different elements. Some are natural, and others are created by humans. Here is a small mixture that will help you awaken your child to magic.

1. Water Shows

There is something about the movement of water. The simple curves that a stream follows can move our hearts in strange ways. Water is powerful. It can break through the hardest of rocks if you give it time. Water shows add to the fascination that it naturally brings, by incorporating sound and lights to it. A single dancing fountain is enough to amaze our youngest ones, who can stand in one place watching it for minutes without ever losing their focus. It is almost like a real live character to them, with its own personality. If you put many dancing fountains together and you make them move to a rhythm and fill them with all the various colours of the rainbow, it becomes majestic and, yes, magic to the eyes of the child that watches the water show.

2. A Walk through the Woods

Magic often resides in the simplest things in life. Nature is where we can find beauty, and that is the quality that we all look for throughout our lives. Offering it to children, by opening their eyes on the magic that our environment possesses, is a gift that they will cherish for the rest of their days. In a forest, they will discover the faces of those that live inside trees. They will be enchanted by the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves and of the insects and birds calling to each other. The simple fact of jumping from one rock to another without ever missing one, so as not to awake the masters of the forest, will open up their imagination to a world that only exists when you are looking for it. Take the time to sit with you children, and tell them story while you are enclosed in this natural environment. Just don’t scare them, or else they will also remember that forever.

3. Watch Old Disney Movies

There are things that never change, but others do. That is the case with Disney movies who used to be all about magic. Peter Pan is a great place to start. There is nothing more magical than a land where kids live all together as friends, with no adults to tell them what to do (well, almost). Beauty and the Beast is also a unique fantasy, as it brings all the elements of a castle to life, singing and dancing to the pleasure of our children.

Don’t forget to take the time to tell them stories before they fall asleep. There is no better way to awake them to the magical world in which we (sometimes) live in. And whenever you have time, sit with them and look for the magical characters that live in the clouds. They will cherish these moments forever.

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