Tweens Guide

Classic tele-favorites of kids

Kids are very fond of watching tele-soaps. There are various kinds of TV shows featuring on television but all are not appropriate for them. Shows like Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry are very popular among kids. Some soaps also educate the kids by letting t

Parenting tips on raising a girl child

Girl child is special and needs special care. Raising girl child is a big responsibility on parents. Parenting girl child can be easy in the early years but as they grow during their pre teen and teen years it can be very challenging. With a lot of social

How to teach kids about spirituality?

Scientific studies have linked spirituality as a proven indicator of happiness among children. A 2009 study was much in the news when researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada, showed that children with higher spirituality quotients were

The Asuka Langley fashion doll is perfect to entice your tween!

The Asuka Langley fashion doll, might not catch your little girl’s fancy, but will definitely be adored by a teenage/tweenage girl. A brainchild of a Korean company called Cheonsang Cheonga, the 12-inch masterpiece is one of the key characters of…

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