Parenting tips on raising a girl child

Raising girl child

Girl child is special and needs special care. Raising girl child is a big responsibility on parents. Parenting girl child can be easy in the early years but as they grow during their pre teen and teen years it can be very challenging. With a lot of social pressure and expectations, things get difficult for girls as they grow up. It is very important for your daughter to be confident to be successful in this tough world. Here are some parenting tips which can help you along the way.

1. Awareness for a healthy body

Every parent must present a clear picture of a healthy body. Girls must be made aware that attaining zero size like the fashion models is not the ultimate goal. Staying fit and healthy eating should be encouraged with knowledge of the importance of nutrition. She must be taught the real value of beauty and let her know that perfection is not real meaning of beautiful.Importance of exercise must be taught from their early years.

2. Present a good example

You are the person to show good examples to your daughter because she is going to learn from you. Put good qualities right from early years. Your attitudes and actions will influence your daughter the most. Set good examples by showing respect to your partner. Do not criticize yourself or you can pass this attitude to your daughter. Show her that you are proud to be a women. They must be made aware of other successful role models among friends , family members and other famous well known women.

3. Find time for family

However busy you may be, find time to spend with your family everyday is equally important in parenting your daughter. It is her right to spend quality time with her parents. Make your daughter realize that she can discuss anything with you as she grows older. Without spending time you will never be able to know your daughter well and find out things that make her unique. Building up relationship that last is definitely important and this will be possible only with spending time together.

4. Avoid pressure

Allow them to feel comfortable with themselves, pressuring your daughter to fit in social realms may lead to disasters. Help your daughter to direct energy towards positive activities like music, sports, arts, drama etc.

5. Help them to develop themselves

You must help to develop their self importance and make daughters realize how important and unique they are to you. Give compliments when she get good grades or do well in sports. Help her focus on her strong points and do not pick at her failures. Encourage her whenever needed.Make your daughter realize her importance to you. Teaching self worth to your daughter will help her realize destructive relationship in future.

6. Encourage your daughter to be independent

Encourage your daughter to be independent. Help her in developing decision making skills. Fill in her a sense of right and wrong with a strong determination to guide her. You must mold and prepare in her in such a way that she can handle every aspects of life successfully. Make her stand on her own feet so that she can become someone who is independent and strong young women making her parents proud. You must encourage to achieve her dreams.

7. Avoid spoiling her

Do not fulfill all her demands especially far fetched ones as it can lead to stubbornness. Pampering does not mean that you have to do your daughter home work. Supporting such activities can only cause problems in future.

7. Traditional stereotypes should be ignored

As you raised your daughter do not let traditional stereotype influence your parenting and hold your daughter back. Encourage her if she wants to indulge in activities which are not girls type.If she shows interest in sports, encourage her and support her in every step. Guide her towards positive channels.Give full support if she chooses a career which is not traditional for women.

8. Provide best education

Provide education which interest her.Never scold or pick at her in her weak areas.Help her in improving such areas.Encourage to develop her skills.

9. Encourage good friends

Good friends are like the banks of the river which accompany the river in every turns and goes with it right till the end.Likewise good friends will help your child in every way.Interact with her friends and get involved in their activities.This way you will know them better.

10. Never distinguish

Never distinguish between a boy and a girl child. Pay equal amount of attention irrespective of gender.It can induced low self esteem and depression in girls.

Raising girls has its challenging moments.You hold the key to open the door towards a bright future for a strong, healthy, graceful, confidant women of tomorrow which only you can feel proud of.

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