Spoilt bratz: Top 10 parenting pitfalls to avoid

spoilt bratKnowingly or unknowingly, all parents add into spoiling their kids to some extent. If not all then at least to some degrees, you are responsible for the brat growing up in your home. Most of the times, it is with a view safeguard your comfort and get some private time to yourself you end up saying yes to even the most unjustified demands of your kids and this very act becomes a stepping stone in the making of a brat.

An article at Fox news has listed 10 Pitfalls of parenting that are sure shot measure to transform your little angel into a spoilt brat.

Here, are the 10 pitfalls:
1. The TV Toy
2. The Bribes
3. The Sleepover
3. The Divide and Conquer
4. The Screaming in the Store
5. The Car Ride
6. The Lack of Respect
7. The Restaurant
8. The Morning Routine
9. The Homework
10. Parenting Tips

I think most of the parents will find themselves closely relating to the second pitfall that talks about bribing. They see bribing as the handiest tool to get away with any embarrassing situation that kids can create. Parents are ignorant about the fact that these cool gifts flowing ultimately loose their importance and kids start feeling entitled. So, it’s advisable to encourage kids to earn a reward rather than stuffing them unnecessarily

Another point that actually works is the one talking about the lack of respect. The moment a child misbehaves, it is advisable to treat him in a mature manner as deducting some amount from his pocket money rather than returning him in the same coin of calling words and replaying what he did.

Have a look at all the pitfalls, and I’m sure you’ll definitely find a few flaws in your parenting skills as well.

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