Now, a soft toy that talks to your child: Interactive Baby Elephant

Kids love soft toys and when soft toy is as cute, cuddly and interactive as the Interactive Animated Baby Elephant. This cute jumbo will keep your kid entertained by responding back to your child gestures.

The elephant will shake hands by…

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Can anyone share some funny baby names?

I am searching for some funny baby names as my sister has given birth to a baby boy and I want to give him a very good name. I want to know that besides book and net what are the places and things that I should check to get a name which is different and s

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Can someone share about baby name generator with parent’s names?

Hey, may be you will feel that I am asking a fool question, but I am always curious to know about new things. Yesterday, I was Googling on internet and there I found an advertisement for baby name generator with parents names. I am so much excited that ho

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What are some common baby names?

My baby is going to be born in about a couple of weeks as my wife is now in her last week. So now I am searching for some baby name. Can you please suggest some common baby names suitable for a fun loving chubby kid? My baby should be called rose or viole

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teenage pregnancy Parenting Clan Latest

Advice for parents dealing with teenage pregnancy and tips to become a good mom

Pregnancy on its own is a very delicate phase for …

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Waht are some good she-baby names?

My husband and I are not able to decide the name for our coming baby. I am going to give birth to a baby girl. Her last name will be Jackson and we are searching for first name that starts with s. So, please suggest me best female baby names which sound g

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Online Painting and Drawing Classes Off Beat

Let Your Kids’ Creativity Shine Through

You might be one of those parents who want their …

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Take-Part-in-Trivia. Off Beat

Here’s Why You Should Take Part in Trivia

Trivia is a kind of game in which participants answer …

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Elderly Off Beat

How to Choose a Perfect Mattress For Your Family

Running a family home can be a stressful affair, especially …

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Baby Guide

Can you suggest me some pretty baby names with meaning?

My wife is pregnant now. So I am searching for some baby names. I want names for girls and boys both because till now baby gender is not confirmed. So I am searching for some pretty baby names. So can you please suggest me some pretty baby names with thei

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Need to know Indian boys baby name.

I live in USA but my husband is from India and want to name our baby boy according to his country.I can’t find good boys baby names I really like and i come up with the craziest things. I want a boy name that isn’t popular. I like American name but my hus

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Where can I get meaning of baby names?

My wife is pregnant for the first time. I am so much excited to know that she is going to give birth to baby boy. I have searched and have selected some of the best names for him. Now I am going to chose one name from this list. But for this I want to kno

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What Can You Get Your Kids for Christmas Off Beat

What Can You Get Your Kids for Christmas?

Have you heard of the 3, 4 or 5 gift …

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Tips to Keep Kids Safe This Summer Off Beat

Three Essential Tips to Keep Kids Safe This Summer

It’s springtime right now in the sunny state of Florida, …

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Tips for Homeschool Success Off Beat

4 Useful Tips for Homeschool Success

The COVID pandemic has brought homeschooling into the view of …

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