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by sanket nagulpalli

Safety before sporty: 10 Best new cars for teens

The things novice teenage drivers and their parents look for in a car are safety and reliability, along with the cost. The 10 suggestions below have made considering all these parameters. The list has cars which cost less than $20,000 and includes various

Understanding Divorce and Its Effect on Children

Divorce may be a norm in most countries over the world. But as far as India is concerned, divorce is still a big deal. It not only has an impact…

Geeky inspiration for baby names

When a lot of hullabaloo is on, it’s very difficult to sway against the tide. The intrusion of technology in our lives has prompted several tech obsessed parents to name their kids after a few concepts and features. Thus, a new trend was born and it went

Plan ahead to save on the college expenses of your children

Rising college costs have forced many parents to start hunting for ways to save for their kids’ higher education from a very early stage. It has been found out that…

Can you help me to get some Hawaiian baby names?

I think the best gift that I ever got is my daughter. My daughter is 3 days old and till now I have not selected any name for her. I want to give all happiness to my baby. now I am thinking to name my baby and as name is first gift that is given to the ch

Can you suggest me some pretty baby names with meaning?

My wife is pregnant now. So I am searching for some baby names. I want names for girls and boys both because till now baby gender is not confirmed. So I am searching for some pretty baby names. So can you please suggest me some pretty baby names with thei

How To Deal With Child Compulsive Lying

Ask There may be situations when you find out that your child is frequently lying over things. Children may start lying at a very early age, probably when they realize…

Can anyone suggest me some best baby name with meaning?

My wife is going to bless me with my baby girl. I want to give her the best possible name which can describe her true personality. So I want people to suggest me some popular names for baby girl from which I can choose. Also I want some links where I can

Be a daddy like David Beckham

With the world around us obsessed more with celebrity mothers, little is written or talked about celebrity dads. And when it came to discuss a bit about a celebrity father, Parenting Clan zeroed in on none other than the iconic English soccer super star D

It is important to ensure that your children get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep can give your children good health.If you detect that your children have issues in their sleeping patterns, help them early to prevent diseases.

Things To Make Your Children Empathetic and as well as to share

By expressing gratitude more often and sharing personal experiences with your children, you help them to develop empathy. It will help them survive even the worst of their lives. So,…

How to deal with the challenges of being a teenage parent

Parenthood is usually full of multiple aspects of bliss and beauty. However, every phase of life comes with its own pros and cons. Parenthood, too, has its defined set of…

Kids Camps That Every Child Should Go To At Least Once In Their Life

Childhood is the time to experience new things, get out of your comfort zone, and allow yourself some fun and activity. Schools and studies take up too much time off…

Can anyone help me find the most popular baby names 2010?

Hey just few days ago my wife gifted me my angel baby and now I am trying to have her name but no names are clicking in our mind. We want her name to be different from others and should be unique and trendy. We got married in 2010 so I am thinking to give

Unusual places to look for baby names

Are you tired of common names like John and Jennifer suggested by your friends, colleagues and family members? Then you need to go left of center and find some alternative sources to find ideas on baby names. Because unusual and creative names will not on

Creative DIY things that you can do with your kids

There are many creative ways to keep kids occupied. They can help in imparting education in a very entertaining way. Outdoors or indoors, there are many activities you can do…

How to help your child settle in when starting school

To go by the personal experiences of many parents, the day they had felt extremely anxious and nervous was the one when their tiny tot started school. Filled with a…

Can you help me to find best 2010 baby names?

My wife gifted me my angel baby and I want to give all happiness to her. Now I am trying to have her name but no names are clicking in our mind. We want her name to be different from others and should be unique and trendy. We got married in 2010 so I am t