Off Beat

Most Terrifying Hardships of a Pumping Mother

Motherhood is the greatest gift any woman can ever receive. …

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Divorce Off Beat

Co-Parenting: What Is it and Why Is it So Important for Children of Divorce?

It is no secret that it has been a long, …

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Tips for Homeschool Success Off Beat

4 Useful Tips for Homeschool Success

The COVID pandemic has brought homeschooling into the view of …

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Student Learning Off Beat

7 Ways to Increase Student Learning and Student Achievement

Let’s be honest—people don’t like change. Change is rarely welcome. …

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Can you please suggest me top 100 baby names?

My wife is pregnant for the first time and now she is going through her final week of pregnancy and she is going to gift my little angel to me. I want to give her the best name as she will be called by this name in whole her life. I want top 100 baby name

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Baby Names

Safety before sporty: 10 Best new cars for teens

The things novice teenage drivers and their parents look for in a car are safety and reliability, along with the cost. The 10 suggestions below have made considering all these parameters. The list has cars which cost less than $20,000 and includes various

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can any body come up with ideas for getting new baby names.

My friend is due to have a baby in few months. and she have given me the work to find the names for her and as it is a very difficult task for me alone to do this. I have already suggested her many names but all the time her answer is no find something ne

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Baby Names

Limited edition Transformers watches for your little devil!

Be it Harry Potter or Transformers, movie-goodies are nothing new to hit the markets. And this time it is the Transformers that are all set to bring a smile on your kid’s lips, thanks to the limited edition Transformer series of wrist watches….

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Baby Guide

Do you have some Russian baby names that start with P?

My wife is not able to become conceive for some reason, so we have adopted a Russian baby. He is 5 months old and I want to give him a Russian name. This baby is special for my wife and she loves kids him lot. I want his name to start with P. If you have

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Suggest some baby names and their meanings in California ?

Hey friends! I want to have some baby names and meaning for my newly born girl in California. Can you please help me out with some creative ideas for the baby girl which she would love to have in school life also. I want some traditional name with a beaut

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Need-to-go-Through-for-a-Divorce Off Beat

Six Steps You’ll Need to go Through for a Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy. You have to …

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Create the Ultimate Halloween Weekend Off Beat

How to Create the Ultimate Halloween Weekend

Believe it or not, it’s fast upon us. Halloween is …

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please do suggest me some classic baby names.

I have a baby boy, so please do suggest me best classic baby name for him that suits him and balance this trendy life style with that his name should also sounds like my name “Michel” . i feel its good that both father and son’s name sounds the same. plea

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What are nice english baby names?

My wife and I are from china. She wants our baby to have an unique English name. I looked some of the names online but they seem difficult to pronounce. So I need your help. Can you please suggest me some name? please tell me What are some nice boy and gi

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expecting-twins Parenting Clan Latest

A guide for new parents who are expecting twins

It is a joy when you get to know that …

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