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by sanket nagulpalli

Solid research backed ideas for raising happy kids

Parents always dream to raise a happy and content child. Many parents who lack somewhere in making their child happy, they might think of ways to get expertise in growing…

Tips for raising an introverted child

If your child is reserved, stays inside a lot, doesn’t make many friends, and would rather stand back and enjoy than participate; it all sums up to the fact that…

What are the popular baby names of 2009?

My wife is going to give birth to my prince soon and I am looking for a name. I have already gone through the list of top 100 boys names but none of them seemed interesting to me. I want to give him a popular baby name of 2009, since because this very yea

Can anyone help me find the most popular baby names 2010?

Hey just few days ago my wife gifted me my angel baby and now I am trying to have her name but no names are clicking in our mind. We want her name to be different from others and should be unique and trendy. We got married in 2010 so I am thinking to give

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas 2020

Easter is a time when friends and family come together. From planning for dinners and get-togethers to even games; there are so many things you can do on Easter day.…

Tips to help you steer your kids away from their messy room habits

Do your children keep their room messy and refuse to clean it? Do you find their clothes and toys lying just everywhere, their dirty dishes in a cupboard, and their…

Calming little minds and soothing the children

Parenting comes with many challenges. Calming a crying baby or making your child content and happy is hard. Understanding your child and their problems will get the better solution to…

Major challenges faced by parents in today’s world

Raising a child effectively is not an easy job for the parents in today’s complicated world. Parents need to be really adaptable; so that they can cope with the fast…

Organic perfume choices for pregnant women

The usage of ordinary perfumes containing strong complex chemicals can give a bad outcome to pregnant women. This is not a myth but the truth, the reason being its ingredients. Believe it or not, the chemical ingredients of a perfume are so harmful that t

10 Best family movies to watch on Christmas Eve

Watching a Christmas movie fill our heart with faith and joy. Below mentioned movies are a complete Christmas celebration package in themselves. So, just watch any one of the movies and enjoy Christmas Eve with your family. 1. Arthur Christmas (2011) Th

Research On LGBTQ+ Parenting Reveals The Effects On Children With Same Sex Parents

Let us face it – LGBTQ+ parenting is a subject that is, ironically, still in its infancy. While in many parts of the world, LGBTQ+ people can marry, and by…

Natural ways to conquer postpartum woes

The post-partum period may extend till several weeks or a few months. Because of the hormonal changes which take place in women post the child birth, they might find it difficult to get back to their normal pre-pregnancy lifestyle. They may encounter nume

Geeky inspiration for baby names

When a lot of hullabaloo is on, it’s very difficult to sway against the tide. The intrusion of technology in our lives has prompted several tech obsessed parents to name their kids after a few concepts and features. Thus, a new trend was born and it went

Where can I get baby names meaning from?

My cousin sister is pregnant for the first time and everyone is quite elated in my family. We all are desperately waiting for our new member. Till now we are not aware of the baby’s gender. But we are still searching for best and uncommon baby names. We

Tips To Get Rid Of Nail Biting In Children

There are times when you land up in a situation where you end up biting our nails. This could be probably when you were bored, you were anxious or may…

7 parent’s right in public schools we must know

Knowing about your rights as a parent in the public school system will help you about the legalities of small to major crises. Suppose you want to register in a…

6 Top parenting trends for 2012

The year end is a time to look at the past twelve months with satisfaction and the coming 12 months with anticipation. It is inevitable that the happenings of the year that has passed will influence the happenings of the year about to arrive. When it come

A smart guide to teaching students about money

Knowing how to handle money is an important skill. It is something needs to be learnt too, and most of us have learnt it on our own, with some basic…