Parenting Clan – Exploring Ways To Help You Become A Better Parent

by sanket nagulpalli

8 Toxic parenting traits that ruin a child’s life

Parents have a great influence on the lives of their children. Their behavior, attitude and parenting style leaves a lasting impression which carries on to adulthood. Toxic parenting affects children…

What parents can do when dealing with resistive children

Every child goes through this phase in childhood, they seem to enjoy resisting you. You have to keep your cool and handle the situation tactfully.

Quit these bad habits and behavior that can negatively affect your kids

If you feel that your habits do not put an influence on your child, then you are wrong. Kids tend to follow their parents as role models and adopt their…

Be a daddy like David Beckham

With the world around us obsessed more with celebrity mothers, little is written or talked about celebrity dads. And when it came to discuss a bit about a celebrity father, Parenting Clan zeroed in on none other than the iconic English soccer super star D

Understanding Divorce and Its Effect on Children

Divorce may be a norm in most countries over the world. But as far as India is concerned, divorce is still a big deal. It not only has an impact…

Can you provide me some old fashioned baby names?

Hey I want to give the best name to baby angel. I love old fashioned names, so I want to give her some 1980s best names. I was born in this year that’s why I can’t forget this year. So can anyone provide me some old fashioned baby names?

How To Deal With Child Compulsive Lying

Ask There may be situations when you find out that your child is frequently lying over things. Children may start lying at a very early age, probably when they realize…

Geeky inspiration for baby names

When a lot of hullabaloo is on, it’s very difficult to sway against the tide. The intrusion of technology in our lives has prompted several tech obsessed parents to name their kids after a few concepts and features. Thus, a new trend was born and it went

Tips to take care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy if you are diabetic

Diabetes occurs when the sugar levels in the blood increase significantly. If you are diabetic and intend to get pregnant, there are several pointers you need to consider beforehand. In…

Boost your child’s height with these simple exercises

Your little baby has started to grow, but the pace of his growth seems to be a bit slow as compared to his friends. Somehow, he seems to be a…

Why someone ask for top gifts of 2009 in 2011?

My wife is pregnant and I want to give her a gift as she is going to give me the most precious gift of my life. I have asked her that what she needs and she replied that she wants top gifts of 2009. I am surprised that why in 2011 she is asking for 2009 g

Single parenting tips

Single parenting comes with a baggage of troubled relationship and broken home. Thus, single parents are all the more burdened emotionally, in trying to bring up their children in a normal way like other children. The pressure can be very stressful when y

6 Things Parents Should Never Do In Front Of Their Kid’s Teacher

Introduction A healthy bond between you and your kid’s teacher is essential. You mustn’t say or do something that might shake the teacher off her noose. So, here are 6…

What are the popular baby names of 2009?

My wife is going to give birth to my prince soon and I am looking for a name. I have already gone through the list of top 100 boys names but none of them seemed interesting to me. I want to give him a popular baby name of 2009, since because this very yea

10 effects of cold parenting on the child

People are either cold or warm as a result of their innate characteristics. But if you are a parent of a child, you have to consider your child first and…

6- Ways of boosting your child’s immune system

The immune system is the most important factor of the human body. Especially for the kids, who easily falls sick with the effect of weather changes, environmental changes and frequently…

Here is what Osho has to say about parents and parenting

According to Osho, parenting is an art which is extraordinary and very few people understand the concept of effective parenting and are capable of being the ideal parents which others…

Nursery decoration ideas for stimulation of your bundle of joy

The transition from being a couple to being a parent of a baby is extremely joyous and brings along with itself various responsibilities and happiness. Not only does your life…