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New year resolutions that every mom should make

At the beginning of every year, all of us make …

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What are some good Aztec baby names?

My wife is from Mexico and I am American. She wants our baby to have an Aztec-ish name. I looked some up online but they seem difficult to pronounce. So I need your help. Can you please suggest me some name? please tell me What are some nice boy and girl

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What are the best toys from 2009 for baby girls ?

My baby is 2 years old and has now started understanding technical games and certain complicated things of playing…Now I want her to start with the educational games which will help her in starting phase of school life… Something like puzzles or relat

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Important Signs of Labor that indicate you need to get prepared for the new arrival

Arrival of a baby is something parents awaitwith bated breath. …

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gift ideas for small babies Off Beat

Thoughtful gift ideas for small babies

Buying gifts for small children or babies is never an …

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The cyber wars for ‘mothering’

Parental wars have reached new heights and they are on …

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Suggest me some beautiful baby names.

Suggest me some beautiful baby names for both boy and girl?My sister is giving a birth of twin babies one is boy and another is girl.I have two names in my mind these are : Hanna and Harry,because it sounds great to me and you hardly ever see anyone with

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Baby Names

How to teach kids about spirituality?

Scientific studies have linked spirituality as a proven indicator of happiness among children. A 2009 study was much in the news when researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada, showed that children with higher spirituality quotients were

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Urgent need of Irish baby names boy!

There are just too many names to choose from and I cannot make up my mind. My wife has completely given up as we cannot find the perfect Irish baby names, boy names are even harder for us to find. Please help us. We are stuck between the names Aedan, Brad

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conquer postpartum woes Parenting Clan Latest

Natural ways to conquer postpartum woes

The post-partum period may extend till several weeks or a few months. Because of the hormonal changes which take place in women post the child birth, they might find it difficult to get back to their normal pre-pregnancy lifestyle. They may encounter nume

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Choose Phonics Books for 5 Years Old Off Beat

The Most Efficient Ways to Choose Phonics Books for 5 Years Old

There is a lot of buzz around teaching phonics and …

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Where to find good baby names with meaning?

My wife is going to give birth to my little angel. I want to give her the best name ever. As name is the first gift to baby from parents’ side so I want to present her the best name with beautiful meaning. So can you please tell me where can I find names

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Treat My Baby’s Dry Skin in the Winter Off Beat

How Do I Treat My Baby’s Dry Skin in the Winter

From curling up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate …

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Understand the Great Imitator Known as Lyme Disease Off Beat

Parents Need to Understand the Great Imitator Known as Lyme Disease

To most of the world, very little is known about …

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Student Learning Off Beat

7 Ways to Increase Student Learning and Student Achievement

Let’s be honest—people don’t like change. Change is rarely welcome. …

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