Useful tips on how to pick a baby name

The moment you say you are expecting, trust several people from friends and well-wishers to family members to come up with different names they think would be suitable for your child! Remember one thing through all this. Your child will go by the name you decide for him for the rest of his life. So choose wisely and follow these really useful pointers when zeroing on the perfect name for your kid.

Catch ‘Slip of the Tongues’

Sometimes a word, phrase or sentence uttered by others would contain a hidden name that you would instantly fall in love with. Listen ardently to conversations with others, especially when they pertain to baby names. Chances are your friends might have rejected a name that you find very adorable.


Show your Work Dedication

You can take easy cues for baby names from the name of your company or the products it deals with. For instance, if your company deals with Apple iMacs, you can try naming your kid Mac. Or if you work for a company like Siemens or Philips, you can name him Siemen or Philip respectively. No better way to get a beautiful name for your baby and show your dedication to your company in the process.

Get bitten by the Book Bug

A lot of us out there love to read books and would probably have at least one favorite author. If you happen to love books and love a particular author, why not name your kid after him? For instance, I know a couple who named their boy Stephen after their favorite horror novelist, Stephen King. And then, there was another couple that named their girl Sidney after Sidney Sheldon.


An ode to your childhood crush

Did you have a crush on someone as a kid? Why not show your respect for the person by naming your kid after them? I know a lady who loved the backstreet boys so much as a kid that she ended up naming her four boys as Kevin, Brian, Nick and AJ after the bands’ members.

Take after your Elders

A very common practice is to name children after their grandparents or great grandparents. If you love your elders, why not picking up something from both families for the child? For instance, a couple decided to name their kid ‘Liam Roy’ after the father’s grandfather ‘Liam’ and the mother’s grandfather ‘Roy’.

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