Major challenges faced by parents in today’s world

challenges faced by parents

Raising a child effectively is not an easy job for the parents in today’s complicated world. Parents need to be really adaptable; so that they can cope with the fast changing world and the ever changing environment. At an early age; they have the responsibility of raising a smart kid by giving a kind of environment which they want their kid to be in afterwards. They need to show that side of parenting which could give brilliant results in the future. As the child enters adolescence; the responsibilities of parents and their way of handling him changes. They have to create a comfort zone for the children so that they can share their grievances and expectations with them. Below mentioned are some difficult challenges which the parents go through when the child reaches the teenage.

Sleep deprived

Sleep deprived

The biggest challenge faced by parents of teens is to make them understand the importance of sound sleep as children nowadays are the most sleep deprived. This can cause many problems later on as it can affect their capacity to learn and can cause irritability in them. Being deprived from sleep can also hamper their overall growth and personality. The ideal sleep time for children aged from 10 to 19 is 9.25 hours a night, which is not at all fulfilled.

Addiction to internet


This is a very important factor which should be considered very seriously by the parents of teens. Today’s teens are completely immersed in the world of net. Their main idea of socializing is by going digital. A large number of kids have their accounts on Facebook, although they are legally not supposed to do so, they actually do not possess the correct skills to handle the account. With their immaturity in handling their online account, they can even be victims to any kind of cyber crime some day. Parents need to relentlessly keep an eye on their kid’s online presence.

Early sexualisation

Early sexualisationAgain a very serious matter of concern for parents is to carefully watch the early sexual involvement of their children. This is very disturbing that at a very early age, the teens are getting sexually involved before even actually having the emotional and intellectual skills. Parents need to talk and educate their kids about this serious subject so that they so not engage in any kind of wrong deeds before attaining the proper age. It is readily seen that girls nowadays are very much concerned about their body image at such an early age. They are highly concerned about their looks at an age where they should be focusing on their studies and other activities.

Helping your teens live up to their full potential

Helping your teens live up to their full potentialIt is quite difficult to cope with the many challenges that people face in their teenage years. Parents and children goes through a tough period, as they need to control many important decisions of life. Whereas a child wants more freedom and space during this phase, parents want them to take important decisions of their life about their future.

While in teenage, kids may get confuse or have no idea on making a correct decision about their lives. At that time, children need the assistance of the parents to guide them correctly in life. Teenagers are interesting, fun loving, smart, and full of potential, they just need motivation to do right things in life. With following tips, parents can inspire their child to live up to their full potential.

Assign responsibilities to boost confidence

Assign responsibilities to boost confidence

For making a child confident and independent, it is essential to assign certain tasks to them. Children like it when parents give them the responsibility to do some task on their own. Even a little task can make them aware about their abilities boosting self-confidence in them.

Children feel that they are old enough to do any task and make some decision on their own. It will make them able and confident enough to make important decisions of their life. Parents must therefore assign responsibilities to their children allowing them to show their full potential.

Motivate individuality

Motivate individuality

Introducing your child to their abilities and individuality will boost their self-confidence. Allow them to be a part of discussion; it makes them feel that they are old enough to make life’s decision. Ask for their opinions while discussing anything. When he faces any problem, ask him to analyze the problem and take correct decision to solve it.

Give him a situation as a problem and ask for suitable solution for it. It will make your child a good decision maker and problem solver allowing him to show his full potential of what he can do in tough times.

Accompany your child in learning new things

Accompany your child in learning new thingsAppreciate your child to learn new things in life. Making them learn new things in life will make them a better person in life improving their self-confidence. Being a parent, you must accompany your child in learning new things in life. Play intellectual games with them to boost their intelligence. Ask them about their interests and tell them the things they do not know. It will build their confidence and make them a good decision maker.

Reward your child even on little success

Reward your child even on little success

When you assign certain task to your child, make sure to appreciate his work. Do not forget to reward him on the success of even a small work. Appreciation can boost the confidence in your child and he will ask for the task himself the next time. Reward and appreciation are two tools that can boost the potential of your child to other levels.


Teenagers are smart, fun loving yet confused about taking the right decisions. Children are not aware of how to make a correct ad smart decision of life. Parents must assist their child in doing things, making them learn new lessons, and do everything possible to make them show their full potential while doing anything.

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