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Some tips that can help you avoid bad playdates for your kid

by DrPrem Jagyasi

While you may have disciplined your child, not every kid is raised in the same manner and environment. It is usual to find kids who are naughty and do not listen to anybody. If such kids come to your home on a playdate, it is obvious that you will have to face some battles over toys and stuff, push and bites, and hitting among kids.

They maybreak your house rules and make itugly at times when theygo to an extent of putting themselves in dangerous situations. It is critical that you must avoid such a bad playdate. After all, your child’s safety is your primary concern as a parent. If you do not know how to handle this situation, here are some tips for you.

Deal tactfully with playdate invitations

While it is best not to organize playdates for very young kids, you cannot refuse parents of other kids at times. If you receive an invitation, then go by your instinct. In case you feel that your child may be in danger, then it is good to talk straight to the parents. You can tell them that their kid is aggressive or rough and your child is scared of him/her. Talking with a concern can raise your point seriously.

If you feel your friendship may be affected if you talk about their kids, then raise a point at the right time. For instance, you may do it when the parents tell you that they are concerned about their child’s behavior or do not know how to tackle his naughtiness. However, be cautious of what and how you say it.

Control the playdate environment

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If a playdate is arranged at your place, then it is helpful for you to be present around kids all the time. It helps you monitor and control the environment and ensure the safety of kids. In case other playdate options do not suit you, then you should prefer to host it.

Set your rules before the playdate

When you suspect that a playdate may go bad, you can talk to kids beforehand. Involve their parents so they do not feel offended. Get together and have a meeting with kids to tell them what you expect during their playdate. Keep reminding kids of these rules when they do not follow these during their playdate.

Give a second chance

If you have an impression of a naughty kid from previous days, then consider that he/she may have changed. Kids change fast.Reconsider giving them a second chance even if you have experienced a bad playdate before. Sometimes, kids take time to adapt to a new place.

By talking strategically to other parents and making your expectations clear to kids before a playdate can help you avoid a bad day. It is best if you can supervise them during a playdate.

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