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Tips to help you steer your kids away from their messy room habits

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Do your children keep their room messy and refuse to clean it? Do you find their clothes and toys lying just everywhere, their dirty dishes in a cupboard, and their food messed up and drinks spilled on the floor?If yes and your kids have not been listening to you at all, then it is time for you to check these parenting tips. Try adopting these tricks and watch out for the difference in their behavior and habits.

Avoid bribing and meeting all their desires

It is your child’s responsibility to clean his/her room. Thus, never give them an incentive or bribe them in any way to do this task. It is also not recommended to take away their belongings if they do not complete the cleaning task. Additionally, you should not stuff their room with toys and things they may not even be using. If you have already done so, then tell your child to select toys that he/she plays with. Ask them to give you the rest for donation to a charitable organization.

Clean with your children

When your children are young, it is better to support them in organizing their room. Start cleaning with them and ask them to tell you what would go where. Pretend as if you do not know where to keep their things. It will motivate them to be involved with you in the sorting and cleaning work. Make this at least a weekly task.

Give kids cleaning tips

kids cleaning tips

Whatever be the age of your children, you can always give them tips for sorting their stuff and organizing their room. Help them in sorting out items they have treasured. Remember that every kid has a treasure, and you must respect it. In addition, make it playful to clean the house together. For instance, you may make it competitive as to who cleans a room in 5 minutes. It can also complete the cleaning job quickly, as all would be sharing it.

Consistent expectations

Do not be emotional while communicating your expectations to your kids. Tell them how you want their room maintained,and do it in a consistent manner. A consistent message with clear directions is followed well by children.


Finally, appreciation is important when your kids contribute to cleaning their environment. Even if they do a small chore, it is motivating to praise their efforts.

Prepare your children to clean up their messy room by giving them proper directions and helping them if the job is heavy for them. Motivate and appreciate your kids so they want to stay organized.

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