Start your children on decision making early in their life


Parents take most of the decisions for their children in their early stages of life. Inculcating the habit of decision making in your child at the early stages is easier and better for the child. There are several tricks to ease children into decision making. Here are a few:  

Explain them the different levels of decision-making

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Explain to your child, different situations in life require different levels of decision-making. Right from choosing a toy at a toy store to which book the child should get from the school library, the child need not spend the same amount of time deciding. The aim is to ease the pressure on the child’s mind, not every decision is complex.

Making a choice between the vegetables they like should not take much time. Things like which game the child wants to take part in requires more attention of the child, teach them to take their time in deciding such things.

Make it easier for them

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It could be difficult for the child in choosing from a wide range of things. Narrow down the choices for them so that they do not get confused. Say if your kid is unable to find a suitable toy for himself, give him a few choices to choose from, let’s say in this case offer him to choose between 3 toys. This is good enough for a start.

Show them practically

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Every time you are deciding on something, which the child would understand, make sure you involve your child in it. Discuss the pros and cons of all the options with the child. Breaking down the decision-making will help in deciding easily. Take for example what gift will be appropriate to give to Dad on the ‘Father’s Day’. Teach the child the factors you consider to make a decision like his father’s interests and choices.

Teach your kids that mistakes are good teachers

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Until the time their decision is harmful for them, allow them to make mistakes. This way they will learn easily the consequences of mistakes. With each correct or incorrect decision, explain to the child what was good or bad about the choice. How the child could make a better decision and how the child could avoid making the same mistakes repeatedly. With every mistake, there is a guaranteed way to learn.

Help your child to make decisions early in life so that they are able to develop the habit for the entire life.

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