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How to take a great kids portrait

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It’s amazing how time moves so fast and moments pass. Photos remind us of every sweet moment we had in the past. Kids’ pictures ought to be amazing. However, most photographers find taking this pictures a hard task. This article gives tips on taking amazing kids portrait.

  1. Take Your Time
    Be patient and wait for the perfect time to take a photo. Do not force it. Some kids would not even want to take the picture but if you hung out with them patiently, they would ultimately agree to take one. Others will shy off, but this behaviour will fade aware with time and finally you will have a chance to make a snap you will love.
  2. Be Focused and Prepared
    Ensure you are always ready. All settings on the camera should always remain set. Have the ability to predict kids’ moves and actions so as to know where and when to be to take a snap. Something worth a photo may happen as you go through the past portraits on your camera, thus missing it; avoid this.
  3. Use Good Light
    You should know when it is appropriate to use the flashlight and when to avoid it. When it is a bit dark, it is obvious you need to use flash. When there is backlighting or overhead light, it is advisable to use the flashlight. If outside, the kid should either be in the shade or completely in the sun. The photo will be breathtaking.
  4. Stoop to your kids level
    Your child is shorter than you are thus getting down is necessary. Interact with the child but ensure the camera is still at hand and well set.
  5. Use the best camera focus mode
    Know the features of your camera well and do practice with it to be able to identify the best mode to use. Continues focus mode is a good choice. Burst shooting mode is also good to go since it takes many photos after you press the shutter and hold it. Later you can choose the best of all.
  6. Choose a Good Background
    The background should not be more eye-catching than the kid. The best portrait is that which the viewer finds the child more attractive and barely notices what is in the background.1

Image Credit: The Canvas Factory

  1. Control Kid’s Movement
    Taking a super photo when the child is making many changes is quite difficult. There are many ways you can limit these movements, for example, let them be in a swing or a swimming pool. You will save time you would have wasted following your kid around.
  2. Try Out All Angles When Taking A Portrait and Be Close
    It is not mandatory to be in front of the kid when taking a photo. You can take it from behind or even on the side. Taking only a portion of your child when close would bring out a better picture than taking from head to toe when far.

You are now aware of the best tips for taking good kids portrait. Have fun with your kid, avoid frustrations, make your kid smile and finally capture every moment.

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