The cyber wars for ‘mothering’

Parental wars have reached new heights and they are on their way to claim last of the turfs on the battlement in the cyber world – Twitter. With so many social media sites and bloggers coming up on the cyber world, every Mrs. Smith and Jones seems to know all things about parenting and mothering and delights in pasting it on her blog for good use of the others, in the process pervading ‘mothering’ blog wars.

Obsessive blogging

Browsing Internet while Working

Even a casual search on Google on the subjects of parenting and mothering will reveal loads and loads of pages on the subject. Internet provides an edge over the traditional media for the whole world will likely read you, so it makes sense posting your views, ideas, tips and even photographs on the web. Therefore, the mothers can’t stop mothering any less!

They can’t stop obsessing about it and when they have put down an idea successfully, they want the world to know all about it. However, putting the content on web is a different act but to make it readable is entirely different. The web rating suggests that to make them readable, they must get their blogs in the top ten lists of the most popular blogs and they can do anything to achieve it- from sharing private real life experiences to concocting stories and orchestrating false events.

Blog wars

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With multitude of information wading on the cyber air, it certainly makes to do and try and garner a high ranking position in the top ten category. Therefore, instead of mummies and mummies on the web media we have mummies vs. mummies!

In a world where our self-esteem depends on the number of likes we have on our blogs and social media accounts, no doubt the heat in this phase of bloggers war is simmering up. Competition is the edging stone that keeps their egos from blunting and thrashing their self-esteem. Passions run high and a face to differ is a certain sacrilege on their self-esteemed notion of absolute truth. It happens everywhere and to everyone. No one tolerates a second opinion and everyone has an opinion against an opinion!

Blogging woes

The cyber wars for ‘mothering’

Talking about mothering and parenting has become like talking about economy, religion and politics. These warring mommies do not stop at anything. Right from feeding, washing, cleaning of the babies to his sleeping and taking them out for a walk, they have an opinion on everything. On the part of the reader or the mothers following the blogs on the internet, there is such an information overload weighing them down that their natural instincts of mothering are subverted. ‘Better check and cross check before you make a decision or a choice’ is the new obsession catching up with them.

A tip here and a bit of information there is what they need to snatch and not adopt the psychotic syndrome of over-anxiety and fretting. For one the mothers must read and filter out the information and then feed it through the natural instincts of mothering inherent in them.

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