When Should You Upgrade Your Toddler To A Bed



There comes a time in your toddler’s life when he or she needs to get out of the crib and start sleeping in a bed. It can be difficult to decide upon the right time since every child develops at a different rate.  One consideration that should have minimal weight is that you have another baby on the way that will need the crib. Instead, you should make the transition based on your toddler’s readiness for sleeping in a bed. There are some signals that can help you decide whether or not your child is prepared for the move.




One sure sign that your toddler can handle moving to a bed is a certain level of independence. Although you may continue to supervise your child, you should ask yourself whether you feel comfortable leaving him or her alone for a few minutes. For example, if your child was to get up before you or during the night and run around, would you feel as though he or she was capable of staying safe. When children sleep in a bed, they do not have the constraints of a crib, which means they may wonder around on their own at night or in the early morning. If you feel your child has this level of independence, then he or she could be ready for a bed.


Cognitive Readiness


An important development stage that a toddler must pass before being put into a bed is the understanding of imaginary boundaries. The bars on cribs create a very real boundary for your child, even if he or she starts to climb over it. Beds on the other hand have what is known as imaginary boundaries. Although there are no physical bars, your child is expected to remain on the bed during the night. If your child cannot comprehend this, then you should wait a bit longer until you bring in the bed.


Your Child’s Wants


Another tell tale sign that your child may be ready for a bed is his or her asking to have one. Most likely, if your child is interested in a bed and verbalizing this idea, then he or she is ready to recognize imaginary boundaries and successfully transition to a bed. Furthermore, if your child actually negatively reacts to going into the crib, then it is time to make the transition.


Your Child Climbs Out of the Crib


Once your child has the physical ability to climb out of the crib, it is time to start considering the transition to a bed. If your child can climb out of the crib, then the crib goes from safe place to a safety concern because children can easily get hurt climbing out of a crib. If your child is climbing out of the crib but you do not feel as though he or she is ready for a bed, then you do have other options.


You may have some trial and error with the transition to a bed, just as it can take time for toilet training to be successful. Some children may seem ready but ultimately need some more time in a crib. In this case, you can go back to the crib for a while and then try again later. Rather than solely relying on advice from friends, family, or even your physician, you should ultimately take a cue from your child to determine the best time. 1800mattress.com offers a variety of mattress for when its time to make the transition to a bed.


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