The new ways of old school parenting

There is something inviting about the past, a golden tint that reflects even on the present like shimmer of rays from the sun going down on horizon- wisdom of ages of living that still inspires us today. After years of innovating on the time tested methods of parenting and exploring new dimensions on the subject, a sort of revival of the hitherto almost discarded “old school” of parenting is taking place.

However, this revival is not total march to the past shedding all the parenting guidelines laid down by the modern day researchers and councilors but an enlightened and a more envisioned one seeking to combine in it the wisdom of the past with the experiences of today.

The old school of parenting

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The old school parenting was based on the idea that parents knew what was best for the kids and understanding children and their choices was not encouraged. Stick was a necessary tool in child upbringing. It was not parents who were to micro-size into the fanciful world of the children but they who were required to fit into the big world of the parents. However, despite strict control over the children then, ‘home guiding’ and not ‘tutoring’ was the norm.

Modern day parenting

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Modern day parenting on the other hand focuses on nurturing children so they feel confident in their individuality and their special place in this world. The philosophy aims at providing everything the child should need or want so that he can achieve an elevated sense of self. The new idea was an answer to the challenges of modern age- to give certain space to the children for the kind of life they chose for themselves and the career they opted for.

Red flags

losing control over child

However, in our venture to break boundaries for the children, the philosophy of modern age parenting risks the children losing out in space and time. The parents can even be seen obsessing about total control over the lives of their children against fears of losing control over them at all! Therefore, a trend towards constant tutoring by the parents petering down to the minutest details of the children’s life is underway. This hyper-focus on the life of children leads them to low self-learning.

Old School of Parenting still holds its merits to navigate the children as confident independent beings. If shorn of its parental strictness, it is still about raising a child to become a functional adult who can contribute positively to their family and ultimately, society.

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