10 Parenting tips to become successful fathers

Father-child relationship

Being a parent is often a delicate and challenging role. Successful parenting ensures child’s over all well being and encourages a child to realize his/her true potential and become successful. The keys for a successful parent-child relationship are involvement, affection, and influence. A father is an invaluable asset to any successful happy family. He plays a unique and critical role in shaping the life of his children. Children with actively involved dads are happier, well-adjusted, and successful. Read on to see what it takes to become a great and successful dad.

1. Spend quality time

In today’s times, where job responsibilities govern our schedules, it might be a little difficult for fathers to take time off for their kids. But where there is a will, there is a way. It is very necessary for you to protect the child-father relationship and nurture it each day. Let not your work take away this. Plan your schedule and spend at least 30 minutes with your child everyday. Let your child wait for that time of the day when he can talk about his activities, play with you and have fun. This is also the best time, when you and your child know each other and understand each other.

2. Communicate

Right from the beginning, inculcate the value of having open two-way communication. Seek to have clarity in your child’s thoughts and show him/her the benefit of positive communication. Avoid judging/criticizing or having one sided communication or better said, argument that will make them feel low and worthless. Pay attention to what they have to say and question or answer back sincerely. Kids can often misunderstand your responses such as “hmm”,”yeah”, etc and can come to a conclusion that you are not interested. Hence talk to them in full sentences. It is very important to make them realize that you are approachable any time they wish to talk to you.

3. Give them space

Every successful dad knows the importance of giving space to his children. Give your kids the freedom and responsibility that they deserve, according to their age and capability. This inculcates a feeling of mutual respect in them and help them to be independent and confident.

4. Adapt and adjust

Parenting has evolved down the times, so has the needs of our children. Hence, it is essential for you to understand the changing needs of your child. You may not be able to apply the age old parenting techniques while dealing with your child. You should adapt and adjust for the happiness of your child and the family. Never let your ego and determination come in your way in nurturing your child and understanding his or her needs.

5. Protect them

As a dad, your prime responsibility is to protect your children. Teach them safety habits and the value of staying safe. Apart from physical protection, you should also provide emotional as well as financial security.

6. Be involved

Be involved in every activity of your child. In today’s world, there is no clear cut distinction between a mother’s responsibility and a father’s. In other words, do not shrug off certain aspects of parenting as “mom’s job”. Observe your child’s likes and dislikes. Your interest in your child would make him feel closer to you and help bond with you. It would also enhance your child’s confidence and trust in you, which is very much needed when he grows up.

7. Express your love

Never feel shy or negligent in expressing your love for your child. Great dads find ways to express their love and affection to their child. Even though they are firm while disciplining the kid, they are gentler in expressing their love afterwards. You would never regret expressing your love to your child. Never postpone acts of expressing your love to your kids.

8. Teach skills and values

Children often look up to their parents and it is quite imperative that dads teach moral values to their kids. Teach them the values of self-worth, mutual respect and sense of pride by praising and encouraging them. Even though you may have to reprimand their behavior at times, never discourage them. Never argue with your spouse in front of your kids and don’t let them talk to any family member with disrespect. Successful dads lay down firm family rules that encourage good values in the family. Also teach them skills that you are good at, such as such as changing oil in the car, tips in solving a Sudoku or a crossword. Your kids will have great memories of you teaching them.

9. Consistency

Children need a sense of consistency and predictability in the family. This plays an integral role in shaping the personality of a child. Show that your children can rely on what you say. If you have promised your child for an outing, keep up the commitment. This will imbibe the qualities of discipline and trust in your kids.

10. Keep out the stress

Although this may be difficult to practice at all times, it is better not to vent your frustration on your kids. Do not let work or financial stress affect the quality of time that you spend with your kids. Kids feel overwhelmed and get equally anxious when parents share financial and other concerns with them.

The positive behavior of the parents affects the child psychologically and molds him/her to be a better person. Having clear expectations, patience, being a good role model, praising the child and heaping him/her with loads of love and affection lays a solid foundation for a long lasting successful parent-child relationship.

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