What parents can do when dealing with resistive children

Every child goes through this phase in childhood, they seem to enjoy resisting you. You have to keep your cool and handle the situation tactfully.

The secret behind a child’s “No”

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The very young children have a common answer to all that is asked of them, “no”. They just love to say the word. These children are more enthusiastic about having a control over the situation rather than simply turning down a proposal. When they grow up, even then they keeping saying ‘no’ so often because they want to be in control of the situation. It is a declaration of their independence, sometimes they say no to things they like as well.

How to handle the “No”

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Yes, it is irritating and you have to handle it. The first thing you should do is to check yourself that how many times in a day you say ‘no’ to your child. You must change this habit, as children tend to copy things. Rephrase whatever you are saying, excluding the word ‘no’. Like if the child is demanding candies, when he has already had enough, tell him that his quota for the day is over, and he will get more the next day.

Whenever you want your child to do something, give him a choice, instead of bringing in a yes or a no situation.When it is time to get ready for school, ask the child whether he would wear his shoes first or get his hair combed first. Don’t let the situation be where he could say ‘no’, he doesn’t want to go to school. Ask the child to help you, when you want to make him do something. Like if you want him to clean his room, you should pretend that you are going to clean his room and he should help you. This way you can teach the child that cleaning his room is fun.Every little one goes through this stage where he/she rejects almost everything; the stage will pass.

Rewarding your kid

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A reward doesn’t have to be monetary, it is about appreciating your child. Your child would like the love and attention that he gets after he has behaved in a good manner. You can give your child extra time to play, or tell him one more story as a reward. This way the child would be motivated by the reward at the same time, you will not have to bribe him everytime to behave well.

It is natural for the children to resist, you must apply positive methods like these to make them obey you.

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