Dating tips for single parents


Are you a single parent, struggling with the idea of balancing your personal life and giving importance to your kid? Do you feel that dating is something that has completely vanished from your life? Well, probably it is time to take a closer look at your life once more. There are definitely problems when single parents try to take control of their social engagements, but balancing this delicate relationship is not impossible. To handle this tricky situation in the best way possible, here are some useful single parenting tips that will help you strike the balance between your dating life and children.

1. Don’t hide behind lies

You may find it difficult to find dates as a single parent, but one thing that remains as thumb rule is to never lie that you are a parent. You definitely don’t want to go out with a person who doesn’t respect and accept the fact that first you are a parent and then a date. Once you find a person who accepts this fact, then you will find your dating life moving smoothly.

2. Chat with your kids

One more important thing to do as a single parent is to have a good chat with your children. Don’t sneak out on a date. They are going to find out and their faith on you will be shattered. Tell them that you need to spend some time with some of your friends. Keep it simple but spill the beans as well. They should just be comfortable with you going out occasionally with a man or woman.

3. Don’t be too hasty to introduce your date

Yes, you may be tempted to introduce your date to your kid and pray that he or she will be approved silently. But time your move correctly. It is better to take things slowly. When you finally decide to introduce them, it should be for a small time period. As things move along, stretch the time span. Also avoid getting your kid emotionally attached with a date who may just be out of the scene in a few months. Increase contact once you are to a certain degree confident that he/she is going to be around.

4. Don’t feel guilty

If you are feeling guilty to get into the dating scene once more, then don’t be. Going out on a date doesn’t make you a bad parent or make your kids love you less. All you need is a balance in time. Don’t neglect your kids and the rest will be fine.

5. Don’t talk about your ex

When you are on a date, one important thing that you should always remember is to avoid talking about ex. Your date doesn’t definitely want to hear about your past experience, especially in the initial days. You need to put your past life behind you, before you make a fresh start. So, take it slow and on a steady pace.

6. Set an example

If you are getting into dating, then you also need to become a role model as well. Imagine yourself in your kids place. Will you like your son or daughter to bring home dates for an overnight stay? You already know the answer to that, so you also need follow the same rules. You have to remember that you are now a new person with some responsibilities that you can’t take lightly.

7. Keep safety in mind

One of your prime responsibilities is keep yourself and your family safe at all times. With online dating and other tech gadgets, hiding behind a fake identity is quite easy now. So, it is important to get to know people before introducing them to your family and bringing them into your abode. Date in public places at the beginning. It is a good idea to get some background check done as well. Safety of your children should be the top priority.

8. Listen to your child

Your children should always know that you are approachable. If your kids feel they can’t talk to you, then you need to do something about it. Sometimes, we tend to look at a new date with complete blindness. If your date and kid had a chance to interact with each other, then see what your kid’s reaction to the situation is. You will be surprised by the insights that kids can provide. If your kid seems completely uncomfortable or scared of the date, then you need to understand the real reason behind it.

Yes, there are sure many things to look into before you start dating again. It is definitely not going to be as simple as it was previously when you were not a parent. But that doesn’t mean you can’t live your life. We go through changes and with each change we learn new ways to handle situations better and more tactfully.

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