10 Best gifts for moms to be

Gifts for expecting moms

You get to hear the joyous news of your close relative or a friend getting pregnant and it is time for the baby shower party. While most of the attention goes on the new born, sometimes a mom-to-be also needs equal attention and pampering. A pregnant mother starts to feel anxious and exhausted with all the elation and activity that surrounds a child birth. It is quite challenging, yet the most fulfilling stage of a woman’s life. Even though a woman feels satisfied, it can be difficult for a pregnant mother, physically and emotionally. It is quite important to ensure that the pregnant mother is made to feel comfortable and relaxed. Giving her a thoughtful gift will make her feel loved and important.

She can spend her pregnant days in a stress free and relaxed manner. Market today is crammed with various products that takes care of the complete needs of a baby. You can make your friend or relative super happy with a gift that she can make use of during her pregnancy days. A mom to-be is special and deserves simple yet the best gifts that she can make use of as part of her regular routine. You may not be able to buy things such as wine or shoes and they get the entire baby clothing. Normally, gifts for a mom-to-be are flowers, plus size dresses, blankets, toys and other gifts. Beat the tradition and surprise her with a well-thought and personalized gift that she can really use. She will be truly thankful to you for the gift. Following are some tips and ideas that you can consider when you need to buy a gift for an expectant mom.

1. The Pregnancy Book: Month-by-Month

Price: $11.55

The Pregnancy Book: Month-by-Month

Product description: Authored by William and Martha Sears, The Pregnancy Book is an excellent complete guide with loads of information on all matters related to pregnancy and child birth. It has exhaustive narratives of each stages of pregnancy, defined month by month. It also addresses and explains the concerns and questions of a pregnant mom. The book is scattered with helpful hints, tips and pointers from other pregnant mothers. If you are looking for important pregnancy related issues, this is the book for you.

Product USP: This book has a wealth of information with respect to pregnancy, child birth, parent counseling for every to be parent.

Pros: It is a comprehensive guide to help a mom to prepare mentally, physically and emotionally in all the aspects of pregnancy. It has detailed appendix that covers and explanations and concerns of pregnant moms.

2. Mum E Pregnancy Pillow

Price: $£39.95

Mum E Pregnancy Pillow

Product description: What can be a better gift than providing a means for a good night’s sleep for a pregnant mom? Mum E Pregnancy Pillow is an eminently designed pillow that takes the shape of the body and provides excellent and much needed support to the belly, legs, feet and head. It encourages sleeping on the side which is the most approved sleeping position for a pregnant woman. Mum E Pregnancy Pillow helps in prevention of lower back aches and heartburn due to the natural shape of the pillow.

Product USP: It is perfect for a mom who needs that much needed rest. It can also be used while nursing the baby.

Pros: The pillow is cozy and cuddly that provides a comfortable support for the body. It is easily washable and portable. Different colored extra covers can be purchased optionally.

3. Sane Fitness Preggers

Price: $24.95

Sane Fitness Preggers

Product Description: Keep safe during maternity work outs with Sane Fitness Preggers. It is a color coded card system that offers flexibility and safety to the pregnancy fitness routine. Exercises and workouts and specifically defined as per the pregnancy stages from second trimester onwards. The kit contains workouts on individual color cards with specific, clear and concise directions to follow. Pictures make it easier for the pregnant woman to follow the directions in an effortless manner.

Product USP: You can tie the cards on the string that comes along with the kit. It offers various tips and techniques for a better work out. It is safe for the fetus and is recommended by obstetricians.

Pros: It has flexible work outs and is quite convenient to use.

4. Anti-morning sickness kit

Price: $14.99

Anti-morning sickness kit

Product Description: Mommy’s Bliss Morning Sickness Comfort is an effective, natural and safe aids to beat the morning sickness associated with pregnancy. This kit has vegetarian capsules made of ginger. It also consists of Folic Acid and Vitamin B6. Ginger extract provides immediate relief to the nauseating woman while Vitamin B6 maintains the relief. It also contains Red Raspberry leaf which is a popular herbal supplement for women’s health. The presence of folic acid promotes well-being of fetus and its overall development. Other natural ingredients such as Rice flour powder, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate and Silicon Dioxide.

Product USP: This herbal supplement reduces nausea and improves the overall immune system.

Pros: Mommy’s Bliss Morning Sickness Comfort is chemical, soy, dairy, artificial color and gluten free and is safe for pregnant women.

5. The Pregnancy Journal

Price: $13.57

Pregnancy Journal

Product Description: Enjoy each day of pregnancy with vital information, tips and host of practical information with The Pregnancy Journal. This journal is one of the best books for a pregnant woman to read and make note of her thoughts and data each passing day. It has amazing tips about the growing baby, body changes and provides humorous, uplifting and philosophical quotes. Nutrition, parenting tips, most of the discomforts related to pregnancy, “Did you know” are some of the interesting sections of the journal. There is an inspiring, humorous or a witty quote from a historical or literary figure. It is definitely a thoughtful gift for an expectant mom.

Product USP: The design and format of this journal is appealing that encourages a pregnant woman to read and write about her pregnancy.

Pros: Space is provided to record the day’s thoughts, musings, weight, mood, waist measurement and anything that the to-be mom needs to relive the memory later.

6. Birth Ball

Price: $162.83

Birth Ball

Product Description: Birthing is easy with a Birth Ball. It is an exercise ball which is used to ease the discomfort of labor. It assists to move the pelvis while providing support to alleviate labor pains and spasms. The birthing ball can be used in various positions and can be an alternative opt
ion for bed. This helps the
woman to focus on the contractions and helps to change her positions. This improves blood flow to placenta and avoids stress on the baby during labor. It is available in Pearl, Blue and Purple color and has specific size chart of the ball depending on the height of the pregnant woman.

Product USP: Birth ball is made of latex-free material and is designed to deflate slowly if the ball gets punctured. This is one of the significant features for the safety of pregnant moms.

Pros: The Birth Ball can bear weigh up to 600 pounds. It is especially helpful during the last few weeks of pregnancy and is easier and comfortable to get out of the ball than getting out of a chair.

7. Spa Kit

Price: $58.00

Spa Kit

Product Description: During the last weeks of pregnancy, it is quite difficult for a to-be mom to feel energetic and fresh. She needs refreshing aroma and subtle treatment to uplift her mood and energy. Basq Bounce Back Spa Kit helps a pregnant mom to relax and rejuvenate with the range of products that it offers. Aromatherapy found in the products pampers a to-be mom from head to toe naturally. Bounce Back Spa Kit contains Vitamins E, C and E and rich essential oils that help to revive the skin in a natural way. The oil also helps to enhance the skin and prevents stretch marks.

Product USP: Bounce Back Spa Kit is beneficial for women to bounce back from weight loss or pregnancy. The essential oils used in the products help in nurturing and revival to give an energized start every day.

Pros: The Kit contains sugar body polish, resilient body oil, soothing leg and foot lotion and tear- eye gel which is sure to refresh, revive and energize any woman.

8. Mozart for Mothers-to-be

Price: $25.00

Mozart for Mothers-to-be

Product Description: Researches indicate that music played to an unborn baby in the womb helps in relaxing and gives the baby inclination towards music much before birth. The gentle sounds of Mozart performed using winds and strings are sure to relax both the mom and the baby in the womb. Some babies are known to specifically like Mozart music. The slow music gives positive frame of mind for the anxious to-be mom. It is also used to rock a baby gently to sleep with its calm music. This simple CD is economical and is a great tool for a relaxing child bearing experience. This CD makes a cool and thoughtful gift for a to-be mom.

Product USP: The music is the unmixed version of original Mozart music. The analog performances have been modified and re-mastered for the CD version. The CD is full of instrumental compositions.

Pros: The music is not jarring or terrible on the ears. It is light and tuneful and makes an unpredicted turn that keeps you more alert and centered.

9. Belly Cast Kit

Price: $34.94

Belly Cast

Product Description: The Belly Cast Kit helps a mom to create an everlasting memory of her pregnancy. This kit helps in creating a belly cast which looks simple and elegant. It is one of the most fascinating ways to capture the memory of a pregnant body. It is non-messy and is quite simple and easy to use. The casting material is cut into strips and is dipped in water for some time. Apply the cast one by one on the mommy’s skin thereby creating layers of cast. It dries up quickly in ten minutes and the belly cast in ready! A belly cast is normally created few weeks before the delivery date. However, moms can also create multiple casts to keep a memory of the tremendous changes the body undergoes during the entire pregnancy.

Product USP: The kit includes five rolls of casting material and the natural and safe belly lubricant. It also has sanding screen, a pair of non-latex Nitrile gloves and a drop cloth.

Pros: The belly cast can be used as decorative purposes as well as keep sake.

10. Mommy Tags

Price: $198.00

Mommy tag necklace

Product Description: Mommy tags are great pieces of jewelry, normally made of silver. It can be personalized and has options of bracelet or a necklace. The personalized tag can be added to the chain. It normally consists of two tags that can be engraved. The bigger tag is for the mommy and the other tag will bear the child’s name. One can also add multiple tags with names and date of birth to the chain. It can be especially useful for mothers having many children. It can be mixed and matched since there is no hassle of birth stone and can be put in any order in the chain. There are also hand crafted tags that are available and can have original hand writing of various artistes on the tag. It makes a perfect gift for moms and can be used anytime of the year.

Product USP: The inscriptions are sharp and look gorgeous with well defined lines. These tags have additional charm on the chain with important details of the person.

Pros: Mommy tags are cool ways to display the name and birth date of her child on her chain. It is quite trendy and can be personalized in many ways such as engraving messages and simple pictures. The font size, style can also be chosen that will be engraved on the tag.

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