The Asuka Langley fashion doll is perfect to entice your tween!

asuka langley pullip fashio

The Asuka Langley fashion doll, might not catch your little girl’s fancy, but will definitely be adored by a teenage/tweenage girl. A brainchild of a Korean company called Cheonsang Cheonga, the 12-inch masterpiece is one of the key characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion Series of Magna collection.

Young girls would love her! More because of her real life-like looks that come alive with her trademark school uniform, shoes, bandage, sling, handset and the Lance of Longinus.

The doll will accompany a short profile of the character that includes her age, family and hobbies. Your girl would love this new fiend if not because of the looks then for her different looks for sure!

Price: $ 119.

Via: Walyou

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