4 – Easy ways to improve your maths skills 


A high school is a place where great learning takes place and you learn incredible skills. You learn a wide range of subjects that include economics, geography, accounting, science, technology, computer science, history, English and other languages. Your brain becomes a sponge for information, and it is a well-oiled machine, quick to absorb content and sharp in being able to deliver it in assignments, tests, and exams.

But sometimes you need help in finding the right way to absorb that content because it is not always the same for everyone and some people might take longer than others. You may also want to be improving your marks to get into a specialise course at university. A lot of people struggle with maths because of its complexity and abstract nature. If maths is one of your hsc subjects, it is a good idea to find ways to improve your maths skills. Here are a few ideas.

1. Find a tutor

Do an online searchDo an online search for a phrase like ‘hsc maths tutor Sydney to find who is in your area that you can consider going to for extra lessons. You can also ask the school for people that they have used and can recommend or your peer group. Word of mouth recommendations are a great way of insuring your find a good tutor.

2. Entering a tutoring relationship

When you enter into a tutoring relationship you need to start out by discussing a few things upfront. This will include stipulating how long you will want or need tutoring so that the tutor knows what pace to set. You will need to let the tutor know what the purpose is for the extra lessons and why you need them. Then you will need to discuss cost and a payment structure, agree on how much you will pay and when what the payment cycles are.

3. Extra learning through online

Extra learning through online

You can download learning apps that will gamify your learning journey. This makes it a fun way to spend time doing extra learning and you can compete against yourself and possibly even others who will have their top marks on the score charts. If you look online, you will also find websites that set out to achieve the same goal and may bring about an extra degree of formality. You can commit a set amount of time to your day and spend it going online maths learning. There may even be some MOOCs or massive open online courses that will be designed to teach specifically the maths you need to learn.

4. Maths must become fun

Find ways to make maths fun, try to make it more tangible and practical by visualising it. Making maths into a game where if you get the answer wrong it is another step in a hangman game, you can find yourself wanting to try harder to not get it wrong. If you can visualise the maths, it will also help you to find it logical and accessible and not something completely abstract.

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