Development of Your Child’s Skills

There are different stages of development in small children and in fact, the development continues long into our young adult life. However, most of what we are able to support, and influence is in the very early days. If we think too much about all that a child needs to learn, it can overwhelm us and make us feel like a big mountain to climb but don’t overcomplicate it. Any parent who loves their child engages with them and lets them explore the world will do just fine to produce well rounded and developed children. It can be helpful though, knowing what to do to help ensure that you support the development of your child’s skills. Here are some areas that you can look at, especially when buying gifts and toys.

Large motor skills

This involves the action of climbing under, or over, or through things. It is when a child is being ‘physical’ that they develop their large motor skills. Spend time playing physically with your child, swinging, rolling, stomping, jumping. All of these are great ways to build strength and control. Look for a pikler triangle for sale.These are small ladders that you child can climb up and over.It can also be used for the more confident child to climb up and reach counters to help you in the kitchen or workbench.

Fine motor skills

These skills come later in life, but it can begin as early as the first few months when your child responds to a mobile moving above its head and reaches out to touch it. As they get older, their fine motor skills become more advanced and they will be able to hold a fat pen or paintbrush and draw. Give your child space and place to do this and if you’re worried about the mess, do it outside on the lawn of put a sheet of plastic or layers on newspaper on your floor. Always be proud of what they’ve made and pay attention to what they present to you even if it feels like the hundredth time you’ve had to make approving noises

Music responsiveness

Music responsiveness can begin before birth. People often play music to their children while they’re pregnant and some even play that same music once they’re born as calming music, specially to get them to start unwinding and go to sleep. Have music playing around the house and don’t be shy to sing to your children even if you think you don’t have a good singing voice.They will think you’re wonderful and will enjoy it. As they become more competent in moving their limbs, being able to touch a mobile that makes lovely chiming noises or touch a book with big buttons that make animal noises or even something that plays little tunes each time they press the button.Later they will be able to control their hands enough to hold drum sticks and can run their stick along with a xylophone or other simple instruments that produce different notes.

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