7 Natural issues that are the enemies of your baby’s (and yours) sleep

When I carried Aleena, my daughter, back home from the hospital to home I was very excited and extremely worried about how was I going to take care of her. Soon I realized it was me who needed care and sleep more than her. The excitement got mixed with fatigue when I realized the fact that she was a bad sleeper who woke up even at the slightest of noise.

I still remember how I would take care that nothing should disrupt her sleep and how even the simplest of things brought her out of her slumber. Today I would share with you a list of things that are the natural enemies of your baby’s sleep, ready to ruin even your sleep and relaxation time.

  1. The shift

Newly born baby sleeping

The most dangerous and worst of all natural disturbances in your child’s sleep is caused when you make each and every possible attempt to move your child from your lap to the bed without letting him know and you soon realize that all is in vain. As soon as Aleena was transferred to her cot, I would breathe a sigh of relief and the moment I was about to turn, she would wake up again, crying and crying and crying….

  1. The milk in the mouth habit

Happy young parents and baby lying on the bed

This is even worse. Many children including my dear daughter, are habituated to sleep while sucking their mother’s nipple. You need to check whether they are sleeping and once you are sure they are asleep and you try to take your breast away, you would either suffer from any of the two – a terrible nipple bite or an all-awake baby. Both the situations are extremely painful to deal with.

  1. Stuff lying on the floor

Closeup portrait of young mother sleeping with baby at home

I remember how many times, I would make sure that my angel is sleeping soundly and only one mistake of mine would ruin everything. That was nothing but the noise of my feet accidently going over her toys on the floor that I always forgot to pick up.

  1. The bedroom door.

baby’s sleep (3)

Practice makes man perfect. Growing up with Aleena has taught me how to close and open a door without making a single bit of noise.

  1. Phone

lady with mobile

Beware to leave your cell phone on general mode. This would either ruin your baby’s sleep or your relationship with the caller. There is nothing more precious than your baby taking a long nap not even your friends. Aleena is now two and a half and I am now habituated to keep my mobile on silent mode forever.

  1. Males

using mobile

These creatures, except form being a helper in producing a baby, they know nothing. Nothing at all, they squeeze, talk, make and answer phone calls at the pitch of their voice, search for objects all when you make your baby sleep. At least mine was a big problem for the baby’s sleep.

  1. The concerned “ME”

baby sleeping and mother taking care

And when you have no one to disturb you and baby around, when its completely silent and you can see your baby sleep for another few hours, there is still someone who would not let you do so. It’s none other than YOU. Even when you have no one around you can’t control your senses and can’t resist yourself from peeping into the child’s room to see his position of sleeping and to correct it.

I hope you are now aware of all the possibilities that would cause a disturbance in your little one’s sleep and ways to deal with the same.

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