7 Parenting tips for a dad of twins

Father of twins

Being a father is a happy experience for most men. But being a father means a lot of responsibilities too, as it includes taking care and providing care and affection for your baby. The responsibilities increase several folds for fathers of twins, sometimes more than double of what is needed for a single child. However, there are examples around where in fathers have been successful in bringing up twins. And the claim, the satisfaction and happiness they get out of it are more than double too. Here are some practical tips to help you out.

1. Identify and set up a routine.

Handling twins is almost always double the amount of work required to be done for a single child. You have to do the same activities twice, every single time. Whether it is changing clothes or diapers, preparing the milk bottles or putting them in the car backseat. If the babies are really young, then handling both of them in both the hands can be very tiring. You can ease up your timings by putting your babies on a similar time schedule. Try and get them adjusted to a routine which would require feeding, cleaning, clothing and sleeping at the same time for both of them.

2. Keep your expectations realistic.

Managing twin children can be very tiring and will take your time and energy. It helps to have your expectations and forecasts realistic and more suited to your new time constraints. You have to deal with reduced free time of Saturdays, a relatively messier house and stretched deadlines. By reducing your expectations you will be able to manage your stress levels better.

3. Try to keep things simple.

Try keeping the regular schedules and chores simple. You can adjust your schedule for daily household work while your twins take naps. For example, you may want to cook food in advance and refrigerate it. You can also ask your other children, if they are older to help you around in the house by doing smaller tasks to help you save time and energy. You may also want to avoid organizing elaborate dinners and parties at your place until your twins are slightly older.

4. Make some personal time.

Try to coordinate with your partner to make sure that neither of you are completely burnout from the stress of taking care of the twins. Discuss and set up a schedule so that both of you can take the necessary time out from work and take care of babies to relax, unwind and recharge yourselves. It always helps to set aside some personal time when you may want to do things you really love doing. It might be a little gardening, or bowling or even golf on Sundays. Just make sure that you and your partner have an understanding on it.

5. Stay fit.

Taking care of twins does not mean you have to loose out on your health. Staying fit is very important because you cannot afford to fall sick with twins depending on your care round the clock. Try eating right and exercising twice or thrice a week, this will not only keep you physically fit but also will reduce your stress levels and relax your muscles.

6. Connecting with your partner.

Parenting twins can be a tiring experience both for the father and the mother. Even more for first time parents. In such a time, you need to be there for each other. You can always take some time out, by doing simple chores together, maybe going for a walk or even watch a movie together in your living room. The exercise will help you bond and recharge your partner emotionally.

7. Learning from mistakes.

Parenting is no perfect art. The way ahead is to understand this fact, accept your mistakes and learn from them. Some first time parents may end up committing blunders and then keep blaming themselves or beating themselves up on it. The point is not to keep holding on to your errors but to accept the fact the you are a human and prone to do errors. But always take care not to keep repeating same mistakes as they may sometimes prove fatal for your children. Your twins will need all the love and affection you can shower them with and along with that some degree of parental care and responsibility. You will need to strike a balance between the two. With a little bit of personal attention you will prove to be a great father of twins!

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