A guide for new parents who are expecting twins


It is a joy when you get to know that you are expecting a child, however, the happiness becomes double when it is confirmed that you are not just blessed with one child but in fact you are expecting two. The news of getting twins not only takes you off your feet, but it also brings a great lot of excitement in your life. Unlike any other pregnancy, a woman who is expecting twins has to be all the more careful. Being blessed with multiples is a boon but it also requires more care in comparison to a regular pregnancy. Here are a few essential things that you need to know.

This can be a high-risk pregnancy

high-risk pregnancy

The fact that you are expecting multiples automatically puts you into the high-risk zone. There is a high possibility of developing various complications during your pregnancy or while delivering. You should pay close attention to your doctor’s instructions and follow them regularly.

You need to make all the preparations well in advance

No doubt, not every pregnancy has its own set of preparations, especially if the due date is nearing. However, when it comes to a multiple pregnancy, you can never say what can happen and when. This is why you need to ensure that all the arrangements and preparations are made well in advance. Some hospitals also allow patients to book a room well in advance. If that facility is available for you, then you can consider booking a room for yourself.


Forget the three meals a day concept

 three meals a day concept

Your food intake is bound to increase, since you are not feeding two lives but three. It is advisable to snack healthy stuff throughout the day so that your kids can get the nutrition that they need. Carry some snacks along with you while going out and keep all your medications with you.

Be prepared to be a super mom

The chores that come with one child itself can seem as if they are never ending, however, in case of two kids at the same time, you can only imagine what the feeling is. This is the time where you would need the most amount of help, more so because of the fact that after delivery a woman gets tired and becomes weak. Seek professional help if you can, or at least get someone to come and stay with you for the first year. Make sure that you pass through this phase without many issues.

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