An Overview of the Challenges School Psychologists Face

Challenges School Psychologists Face

School psychologists face a number of problems, not the least of which is being forced to run from crisis to crisis instead of working on prevention of problems and working with students to solve issues for the long-term. Budget cuts leave school psychologists overworked, struggling to serve 500-800 students at a time. They’re also dealing with a wide range of complex issues. This ranges from the need to test students for learning disabilities and bullying to behavioral problems and dealing with mental health crises. Every emergency like a death threat or suicide attempt has to be dealt with at the expense of students who need support, intervention or diagnoses. Bureaucracy gets in the way, whether limiting what a psychologist can do or sucking up time to do paperwork that is better spent aiding students. Communicating this to staff, parents and administrators is hard. That’s why WPS Publish created a succinct infographic to explain these issues. Click here to see it.

Key Challenges Faced by School Psychologists TodayArticle Submitted By Community Writer

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