Are we slaves to technology? Or Is technology our slave?

Are we slaves to technology

Are you among those couples who are interacting less with each other and more with you smartphones?

It is not surprising if there are a number of people nodding their heads or say YES to the above question. Once upon a time, man made technology and now technology is ruling man. The phone is constantly buzzing and we hardly have time to listen to our loved ones.

slave to technologyAsk yourself, when was the last you spoke to your mom while having dinner?

You will not be able to give an answer, as you may not even remember when you have fallen prey to the advancing technology. You may also be scratching your head since you forgot when you last spoke to your loved ones. You should look away from your technological devices and stop being a slave to technology.

In this article, we will highlight some signs to analyze whether or not you are a slave to technology.

first baby

  1. You are a slave to technology if you are not living the moment but recording it on your phone. Some extraordinary moments of your life like the birth of your first baby, your toddler’s first walk, celebrating special occasions and so on, which you need to enjoy. If you believe recording the moment helps you capture the time, then you are addicted to technology. Try ways of breaking the technology addiction and live for the moment to enjoy it.
  1. If we are spending several hours in front of the laptop or smartphone screen and lose track of our time then technology is controlling us. Make sure you spend quality time with your family instead of spending time with your gadget.
  1. If you do not want to join your family for a vacation because they are going to a remote place where you will find it difficult to connect your gadget, then you are a slave to technology. Do not let technology to control you, so leave behind your smartphones and laptops when you are going for a vacation.

slave to technology

  1. Remember, technology is controlling us if we socialize with fewer people and engage ourselves with video games, social media, and messengers. If you are average or poor with your social skills, it means that technology rules you.

Only if you understand the importance of breaking the technology addiction, you can rule technology. Technology was invented to make human life simpler but addiction to technology is increasing alarmingly. People can control this type of addiction with meditation, switching off the devices, and communicating more with people.

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