Reasons why doting parents need parental control software

Teenagers and younger children are familiar with the internet nowadays. They surf the net, chat, indulge in gameplay, and are forever glued to social media. As a parent, you would definitely be concerned about the problems they might encounter online, such as harassment from their peers in the form of cyberbullying, or strangers who might try to make friends with them. In such a scenario, you should install parental control software which would help you to protect your kid/s when they go online. Parental controls are available in various formats, but most allow you to block sites which you consider are inappropriate for your children. Here are a few reasons why you need parental control software:

Restrict internet usage time
Restrict internet usage time

Restrict internet usage time

With work and household chores, you can’t always be around your kids when they’re online, nor do you know the amount of time they spend on the net. With parental control software from, you can set the time and duration for which your children can access the internet. They would be able to use the internet only for that time slot, which prevents children from playing games online, watching videos and chatting for hours. This helps them to be disciplined and also prevents them being addicted to online activities.

Block Harmful Websites
Block Harmful Websites

Block harmful websites

You can block any website you choose, which you feel might be harmful for them or have inappropriate content. You can shield your children by category blocking also, which is more effective, as you can just block all sites under specific category, for example ‘Adult’, social networking, gaming, child abuse, downloads, etc. You can choose to block selectively also, meaning you can add a particular URL that you don’t want your kids to visit.

Block sites with malware

Even with all your precautions, there are sites with malware which is hidden. Children cannot spot hidden malware, and by using parental control, you can also block sites which are spam, illegal, hacking and have viruses, which online predators can use to hack your computer and gain personal information or corrupt your files and data. This is an extra feature which you should activate in order to protect your personal files.

Block specific users

Parental control software also allows you to set different controls for different users of the same desktop, while browsing the internet. You can decide how many users can use your computer. You can also set different parental controls for different users, such as more restrictions and limits for younger users than older ones i.e. age specific controls can be set. You can also get access to certain sites which you have blocked for your kids.

How it works

Parental control software can be easily installed on any computer. Most software is self-explanatory, so that you don’t have to have extensive knowledge to install and use the software. Anyone with a little knowledge of computers and the internet can set up the parental control software.

With the help of parental control software, you can keep your children safe from the potential dangers of the internet, as well as protect your computer/s from online scams and viruses.

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