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Do any one need baby names list…..

Friends every one decides names for their babies in advance but some time it happens that they are not very happy or we can say satisfied with that name because some time it is not trendy some time name they have decided not have good meaning and many mor

Suggest me some different baby names…

Hi, I am Tina here friends my friends have just given birth to a baby boy. I have suggested her some names for her child but none of them is yet decided for him as my friend like to have name for his baby different from all and with a good meaning, so fri

can any body come up with ideas for getting new baby names.

My friend is due to have a baby in few months. and she have given me the work to find the names for her and as it is a very difficult task for me alone to do this. I have already suggested her many names but all the time her answer is no find something ne

please do suggest me some classic baby names.

I have a baby boy, so please do suggest me best classic baby name for him that suits him and balance this trendy life style with that his name should also sounds like my name “Michel” . i feel its good that both father and son’s name sounds the same. plea

Urgently need Spanish baby names for a girl

Ola, my baby is due in a couple of months; I need Spanish baby names for her which mean destiny, hope, angel or faith. My mother in law wanted to call her Maria, but I don’t want common Spanish names. Please help me, as I am confused and to many people ar

Tell me top 10 baby names of 2009?

I am expecting my first baby in November I already have a daughter her name is Alisa.I don’t know the baby is boy or a girl. and I am thinking for girls and boys names.I would really appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. Few names striving in my mind

I am looking for the most popular baby names for 2009?

What are some of the most popular baby names 2009?Do you know some unique name of your family member or friends. It would be very helpful, if you can share them with me? Currently there are few names in my mind but I need the most popular baby names 2009

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