Geeky inspiration for baby names

When a lot of hullabaloo is on, it’s very difficult to sway against the tide. The intrusion of technology in our lives has prompted several tech obsessed parents to name their kids after a few concepts and features. Thus, a new trend was born and it went on to become an instant hit. We have shortlisted few common and popular geeky inspirations for baby names. Let’s have a look.

Programming language ‘personified’

Famous Programming Languages like Perl, Ada, Ruby, Babbage are no more confined to the compass of computers. With atoms and molecules of technology sneaking in everywhere, several parents found these languages interesting enough to name their kids after them.

Star Trek obsessed names

Gene Roddenberry’s American science fiction ‘Star Trek‘ was a major TRP booster in 60s. Popular characters like Nichelle, Majel, Uhura, Chekov, DeForest, Doohan, Nimoy, Spock, Sulu earned a huge fan following which was evident by babies being named after them.

Baby Names popularized by Dr. Who

Award winning popular British science fiction television series ‘Dr. Who‘ is one of the most enthralling space adventure series. Several reel characters like Susan, Barbara, Ian, Vicki, Steven, Katarina, Sara, Dodo, Polly, Ben, Jamie, Victoria, Zoe, Jo, Harry, Leela, Romana, Liz eventually donned the cloak of reality in form of new born babies.

Scientists and Inventors who went on to lend their names

Scientists and inventors have always been an inspiration for many. Babies are named most often believing this would create a charm and aura of that famous personality. Some of the most famous names are Albert (Albert Einstein), Alexander (Graham Bell), Benjamin (Franklin), Edwin (Hubble), Isaac (Newton), Louis (Pasteur), Sigmund (Freud) , Thomas (Edison), Michael (Faraday).

Video games inspired names, from reel to real names

Video games rule the psyche of every game freaked soul. A few gaming characters standing tall in the ‘virtual arena’ got their name glorified, all thanks to their histrionics and player’s obsession. Some of the most famous baby names drawn from video game characters are Aidyn, Akuji, Alucard, Banjo, Cloud, Crash, Jak, Maximo, Daxter, Jojo, Munch, Raiden, Spyro, Tidus, Yoshi, Zell, Zidan.

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