Get Your Kids Involved With These Great DIY Basement Updates

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There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to switch up how your basement looks a little bit. For example, maybe right now it’s not really a family arena, and you’re looking to make sure the basement is a place where your whole family can get together. Maybe it is a place where your whole family can come together, but you just feel like you need some extra pizzaz. No matter your angle, you can upgrade your basement and get your kids involved at the same time. Here are three DIY basement updates that can help.

1. Reorganize the Basement

the BasementAn organization day could be a great way to get everyone together and make everyone feel like they have a stake in the basement project. Especially if you don’t have any official storage in your basement, you can add some storage and radically change the way the entire basement looks and feels. Storage options range from specific basement storage shelves to more general plastic storage bins and even closets from furniture stores. Bring the whole family down into the basement and reorganize as a family event to make it quicker and easier.

2. Add a Coat of Paint

Painting a room can bring a completely new sense of life to it. This is true in any room, but it’s especially true in a basement. If your basement currently is just boring grey concrete, a coat of paint is the perfect option if you’re looking to breathe some life into the basement. Plus, kids love to paint, and they love to paint even more when there are some designs available. Consider making one section of the walls a place where your kids can paint to bring some of their own flair into the painting process.

3. Replace Drop Ceiling Tiles

Tiles removed from ceiling Drop ceiling tiles are another way that the basement gets some of its character. However, while drop ceiling tiles are very easy to install and effective at allowing access, they’re also extremely dated and can be very boring to look at. One way to fix this problem is by using vinyl replacement tiles instead of your existing drop ceiling tiles. These tiles tend to have prettier designs than existing tiles and will be more difficult to stain than other tiles. If you involve your kids in the process of choosing the vinyl replacement tiles, they’ll likely feel like the basement is a place they’re really invested in.


There are actually many ways to get your kids involved with your basement DIY updates. You might not think that you’d be able to get your children involved in basement DIY projects, but kids are surprising, and many of them may actually be interested in the process of their own accord. Use your basement DIY knowledge to bring your kids into the process. It might surprise you how excited your kids are to learn more about the basement and do their part to change it.

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