How To teach your kids to be resilient


Resilience is an admirable quality in everyone. Unfortunately, cultivating resilience often requires you to go through some type of trauma and come out on the other side stronger than you were before. As a parent, you want to raise kids who are resilient regardless of what life throws at them. Helping your kids develop this skill can feel overwhelming, but you can use these three tips to get started on how to teach your kids to be resilient.

Show Them the Power of Resilience

Children often have no concept of why resilience is an important trait. You must teach them why this is a crucial skill to develop and how it can benefit them in life. One of the best ways to accomplish this task is to look at someone who has developed an incredible amount of resilience and changed their life. For example, look at the story of Mohamed Soltan. He underwent incredible tragedy while being held a prisoner in Egypt. His resilience helped him endure this situation, and when he was able to escape, he built an entirely new life for himself. His story is inspiring and can show your kids why they should cultivate resilience if they want to be successful in life.

Allow Them to Make Mistakes

Kids aren’t perfect, and they will make many mistakes before they reach adulthood. If you are always prepared to remedy the mistakes your children make, they will likely be unable to handle the consequences that come with the situation. Instead, allow your kids to be independent enough to make small mistakes. When things go wrong, they will have to find new ways to move on with their lives. You can step in when the mistakes are major and your kids need a course correction. Your main role is to teach kids how to learn from their mistakes rather than shaming them for poor decisions.

Listen to your child

This strategy does not mean that your kids should be allowed to get away with everything. They should only be allowed to make minor mistakes and remedy them so that they are better prepared when they make bigger mistakes in life. When kids are prepared to accept the consequences of their actions, they develop resilience. This will not only help you to teach your kids to be resilient but will also teach them to accountable for their actions.

Encourage Them to Find New Solutions

In most situations, there are multiple solutions to problems. When your kids encounter obstacles in life that prevent them from pursuing the original solution they had planned, encourage your children to come up with alternate solutions that work. For example, if your child has trouble with a certain friend group, one solution could be to talk through their problems. If that does not work, your kid may need to seek out new friendships. Neither solution is bad, but if one does not work then the other might be a better option. Showing your kids that it’s okay to find a new solution to a problem can help develop resilience.

Helping your kids develop resilience is difficult. However, helping them cultivate this skill allows them to excel when life gets hard. Using these tips is a great place to start when you want to teach your kids to be resilient.

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