Tips For Introducing The Big-Kid Bed To Your Toddler

Most parents transition their kid from the crib to the toddler bed by the age of 18months-3 years. This might be a difficult thing to do, especially if your child is not ready for the transition yet. If your kid is big enough to climb out of the crib, is potty trained, and active, you can shift him to a kid-bed by adopting some of the following tips.

Try not to rush into it


Being in a crib is often associated by children with a sense of security. A toddler can grow an attachment to their crib, while many changes around them are rapidly changing. Try not to mix this transition with other major changes such as potty training. The best time to shift to a big kid bed is when your child asks for it. Wait for your child to show voluntary readiness for the transition and do not pressurize him by lots of ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ statements.

Keep the comfort items

The transition is pretty rough for a child, avoid replacing everything at once and let your child keep his/her coveted blanket, favorite soft toy and other items that your kid loves. Try to place the new bed as close as you can to the position earlier held by the crib.

Add safety to the big kid bed


Your kid might be accustomed to free movements because of the sleep pattern he adopted while in the crib. Add safety precautions such as pillows on the floor, bed rails, or a mattress on the floor to avoid any injuries from rolling off of the bed.

Stay in routine

Stay consistent that the child sleeps in the new bed, especially during the initial nights. Because this is a huge transition, avoid any changes in the daily routine to make the change more acceptable. Another trick to make sure you child adopts the change quicker is making sure she goes to bed tired. This does not mean changing the routine but simply adding more play activities for a deeper sleep at night.

Block the door


Your child may try to test the limits of his newfound independence. To avoid late night strolls through the house, try installing door knob protectors or gates outside the bedroom door. This will be a great way to ensure that your kid doesn’t wander around the house unsupervised at night.

Early childhood is full of changes occurring externally, psychologically, and physically. An important transition is changing the sleeping arrangement of your kid from crib to toddler bed. Guide your toddler during this transition for a healthier adoption of the same.

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