IVF is going global, but just how international is it really?

IVF is going global

Infertility is an issue that troubles couples the world over. Although infertility rates are reported to have dropped quite recently in the US, there is no doubt that this common issue comes in many forms and more frequently than we would like. However, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and a global issue means that it also has a global solution. Today hundreds of clinics have opened up all around the world specifically addressing the issue of infertility, and they all invite a global audience, whether they are in central Europe, India or Mexico. The medical tourism industry is estimated to be worth around 100 billion dollars, with no signs of slowing as clinics continue to open. Where are some of the most recent clinics opening up? And what destination is right for you, if you’re seeking IVF abroad?

How international is IVF?

When one searches for medical tourism, you are likely to get results far outside Western Europe and America, reaching as far as Thailand and India. Why these particular destinations have become so popular is down to several factors. Firstly, the pricing is competitive compared to Western countries, and often the governments have supported the medical tourism industry in order to grow their economies. Secondly, many customers of medical tourism seek an exotic location that they can pair with a holiday. These two things amongst others are driving medical tourists east.

Closer to Europe, Turkey has also become a popular destination as clinics have more keenly advertised to Western audiences. Again, the competitive pricing is a strong factor here, as well as the fact that more hospitals in the country are recognised to have Western standards than before. Certain clinics in Istanbul claim to have performed more than 1000 IVF cycles over 10 years on patients 20% of which are foreigners.

Concerns regarding the IVF

medical tourism industryConcerns still loom over clinics in these areas as to whether the standards will be high enough for Western customers, and how strict the legislation is when it comes to such procedures. Often due to these suspicions and the feeling of somewhere closer to home, patients also opt for clinics in Europe. Recently the Czech Republic has emerged as a central figure in medical tourism IVF. The attractive sights of historical Prague and comfortable prices when compared to the USA or UK have proven to pull in international patients. Progressive legislation in the Czech Republic now allows single women to undergo IVF, which puts it next to countries like Denmark and the UK in this respect, but at a much more affordable price.

Patients from Western Europe and America will continue to seek IVF treatment abroad, and it seems that more than ever ‘the world is your oyster’ with regard to IVF. The important thing to remember is that with more choice of clinics you need to be more discriminating – so make sure that you have all the information at hand about medical laws and clinical practice in the country of your choice when undergoing IVF cycles.

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