Natural ways to conquer postpartum woes

conquer postpartum woes

The postpartum period may extend till several weeks or a few months. Because of the hormonal changes which take place in women post the child birth, they might find it difficult to get back to their normal pre-pregnancy lifestyle. They may encounter numerous problems and difficult phases like postpartum depression and a number of infections. So, to conquer the challenging task of the new mother to take care of the baby and recover after the child birth, some tips to deal with the post-partum period are enlisted below:

1. Lie down and stick to the rule list

A little walks

One easy way to recover is help your body to recover. Give it ample rest to speed the recovery process. Let 6-8 weeks pass before starting over with your aerobics, yoga or any other fitness exercise. A little walks with the baby are an exception. Remember that your Health care provider plays a very important role in your recovery process. Adhere to the recovery instructions very seriously and always consult him/her before starting any physical exercise. Regular checkups are a must.

2. Experience the magic of Monthly comfort tea

One of the major tasks in the recovery process is to bring the post partum watermelon sized uterus back to its pre-pregnancy pear size. The slimming down of the uterus is very important. Drinking the Monthly comfort tea regularly will not only help you slim down but also increment the speed of the big sized uterus to return to its original size and strengthen it.

3. Sugarless chewing gums – a delightful remedy

chewing sugarless chewing gums

Many a times, the women post childbirth experience bowel problems, especially after a c-section operation. Such surgeries can be a pain causing slow bowels, an increase in gas formation and ultimately causing constipation. A study conducted in the year 2009 revealed that chewing sugarless chewing gums regularly helped moms to feel much better and recover at a faster pace.

4. Visit the nearest chemist shop and buy Scar booster repair

The c-section operations are generally identified with causing scars which itch, tingle and ooze bothering for a long time after childbirth. These scars may leave behind, on your lower abdomen, visible and unavoidable marks. Scar booster repair is the solution to deal with all such problems and at the same time winning over them. It contains collagen-producing and anti bacterial oils which helps prevent and heal the unwanted and unsightly scars in a natural, effective and an organic way.

5. Pocket the belli motherhood stretch mark minimizing cream

stretch mark

As are the scars, so are the stretch marks absolutely unwanted. It’s a bliss to see the stretch marks disappear. Use the belli motherhood stretch mark minimizing cream as it helps such marks get disappear miraculously. It’s absolutely safe for the breastfeeding mothers and has been used by a large number of women with positive results. It is just like erasing your stretch marks with an eraser.

6. Use postpartum compression belt

Your hips can be guided back to the normal pre-pregnancy phase with the use of postpartum compression belt. They cannot be left on their own because they cannot return to the pre-pregnancy size completely without help. This is because the pregnancy hormones exist within your body till the next 8 months following child birth, and therefore, you may find that your hips are still loose. Use this belt after consultation of your health provider and help them get back to the right size.

7. Don’t expect miracles – give time to yourself

give time to yourself

Post childbirth, you cannot expect to get back to the size you were before pregnancy, overnight. It took nine long months to come to that big size, so give yourself at least 9 months to get back to normal.

8. A midwife trick – give it a try

Freeze maternity pads after dousing them in witch hazel before applying and bring a soothing effect to your tender parts. Another trick can be performed only if you know how to make tea. Both tea and some sitz bath herbs can be poured and brewed on your pads and thereafter freeze them. To make them capable to perform their job, make sure that your pads do not get saturated.

9. Look out for symptoms of postpartum depression

postpartum depression

Due to the hormonal changes which a woman experiences, postpartum depression can be caused to any women. Some mood swings are normal as a part of baby blues, but if you have frequent and volatile mood swings, if you feel disconnected from your baby, if you have all of a sudden started feeling hopeless and other feelings alike, consult your health provider immediately.

10. Talk and share experiences

To deal effectively with the postpartum period, it is always better to seek the help of others. Knowing the real course of action is very important and this can be possible only by sharing experiences. You can talk to you mom and ask her about her post delivery experiences, ring a doorbell next door and ask your neighbor about the same, Join a social support group, count on your friends and other family members and gain more knowledge about this phase.

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