Quit these bad habits and behavior that can negatively affect your kids

If you feel that your habits do not put an influence on your child, then you are wrong. Kids tend to follow their parents as role models and adopt their habits. They learn from your actions and take up healthy or unhealthy habits. You cannot teach your kids about healthy habits by giving them a lesson. Instead, you should set good examples for them to follow.Correct your habits if you want to give a healthier environment to your children. Check out which bad habits of yours can affect your kids and their health and try to alter them.

Criticizing your looks

Young woman measuring herself. Weight loss bad habits

Doing this links a person’s appearance directly to self-esteem. By criticizing your looks, you are teaching your kids to be fit and slim for being accepted in the society. This leads them to be conscious of their mirror image. For instance, your daughter may follow this to develop issues related to self-esteem. To correct her body image, she might turn to unhealthy practices like dangerous dieting or eating disorders.

Emotional binge eating

kid eating

If you eat food to suppress your negative emotions, then your kids may also learn the same. They may think that binge eating is a solution to boost up their mood and remove sadness.Therefore, it is better that you leave this bad habit and find some motivation to pep you up.

Extreme gadget use

I don´t want to see that! Parental Control. Pre-teen girl with a tablet pc

When you are involved in too much of emailing, talking, or texting, you are passing on the same habit to your children. If they see you with your smartphone all the time, then they do not get a feeling of togetherness. Instead, you are giving them a strong negative message that can affect their studies, school performance, or even their body weight.

Making everything competitive


Never compare your kids to other children. Even if you do this in a competitive spirit, it is never going to work positively. If your kids have not been able to achievement something, then involve them in activities that motivate them. Tell them to find ways to do better than themselves and compete with self.

Arguments and gossips

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When kids notice your bad habit of constantly arguing with your spouse or another family member, they feel stressed due to negative emotions. This can spoil their health and even cause obesity in them. Similarly, gossiping to put down other people teaches kids to become jealous and envied.Thus, try to unwind in positive ways if you do this often.

Your behavior that is ‘not okay’ around kids

family conflict

Parents are the role models of their children. Kids follow their parents in whatever they do. It is therefore necessary to share your experiences with a child. Sharing things with a child boosts trust and helps build a strong relationship.

Sharing is good as it promotes better connection between a parent and a child. But telling your child everything without a filter is not preferable. Many things that you share with a child are inappropriate. Using dirty words in front of children can influence them negatively. Sometimes not just these dirty words affect the child, but using some positive phrases repeatedly can also spoil the child.

Parents sometimes do not bother when speaking in front of their child about many things. Children then keep in mind those words and use it with other people. To change these bad habits of your child it is first necessary to change your own. Certain things that parents must avoid around kids are:

Stop bribing your child

Stop bribing your child

“If you do this work, I will give you a gift.” Almost every parent has used these lines to bribe their kids for completing a task like drinking milk, or eating food. Bribing kids for completing certain task encourages them to work for getting something in return. While positive feedback is recommended, repeatedly bribing child to get work done will make it a never-ending habit in them. In addition, they will always find the easy way out to do things. Motivating child to work as a helping hand to the parents might be a better approach.

Avoid comparing your child with others

Avoid comparing

Nobody will ever know the reason behind comparing one’s own child with others. Everyone is different having his or her own talents and skills. It is therefore not appreciable to compare your kid with others or your own kids. Siblings and jealousy go hand in hand and your comparison will only fuel up this rivalry. Parents must appreciate the kids for right things and the kid will do well in whatever he does.

Try again and harder

Try again and harder

When a child has done some work assigned by you, it is obvious that he has put in all his efforts to make it perfect as per their capability. Nagging them repeatedly to make it better can irritate them. Parents must avoid telling their child to do things again just because they do not like it.


There is handful of words that parents use in front of their children, which they must completely avoid. Parents sometimes with their harsh words can hurt the sentiments of their children. It is important on the part of parents to take care of what they speak in front if their child to avoid bitterness in their relationship. Your bad habits pass to your kids. Thus, avoid giving them a negative atmosphere so they find a great role model in you.

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