Solid research backed ideas for raising happy kids

Parents always dream to raise a happy and content child. Many parents who lack somewhere in making their child happy, they might think of ways to get expertise in growing a happy child. For parents dealing with these issues, here are tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members that might help:

Be optimistic life

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Parents who always stay positive in front of their kids have happier kids. Kids always follow their parents and see their idol in them. When they see their idols happy and content, they feel proud of them and stay happy. On the other hand, if parents will show some negative emotions in front of their children, they can influence their kids negatively. Parents must remain calm and positive when they are with their children. Staying positive can help in living a happy life.

Take care of your mental health

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Parents who are depressed and mentally unfit, they cannot take care of their kids properly. Depressed parents will follow a bad parenting style, which may result in a bad child. It is necessary for parents to stay healthy both physically and mentally. When a parent will be healthy and fit, only then he will be able to grow healthy and happy child.

Praise your kids often

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If you want happy children, you must praise their efforts. Whether it is a school project or any task that you have assigned them, it is necessary to compliment your child. Parents who praise their kids’ efforts, they have happier child than those who do not. When your child has completed the task, just make sure you praise his efforts. It will make your kid happy and he will work harder next time. Parents must make sure that they are not praising for everything. Praises should be limited to the work for which kids are putting in some efforts.

Talk to your kids openly

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Parent and child relationship is one of the beautiful relationships in the world. If parents want a happy kid, it is necessary to talk to kids about everything. Just be open about everything, so that they can share anything they want. When you will maintain good relationship with your kids, they will share things with you. Parents must spend quality time with their kids to know what is going in their life. Spending some good time with your kids can help you build a happy and strong relationship with your kids. As a result, you will have happy and content children.

Raising a happy and content child might look like a tough task, but if you follow certain parenting tips and take care of little things, you can make this tough task easy.

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