Some simple ideas to make new mom buddies

So you are a new mother and looking for a company of another new mom. A person who would easily relate to what you want to say, and who is dealing with the similar issues of the diapers, breast milk, the poop, hygiene, spit-ups and various other baby activities.

Where to spot new Moms?

Women and their children

Finding a mom buddy is a challenge, that too alike-minded person. Where would you find such a person? Begin the hunt from the playgrounds; moms are most commonly spotted with their babies here. It would also be the play areas of the restaurants.

There are many ‘Mom and baby’ classes like music, aerobics, and yoga, which you can join to accomplish your mission. Joining a mother’s group is another option, usually most of the towns have many such groups.

The foremost thing is to move out of the house at least once a day and try to locate a mom you can befriend. When you are on the lookout, you may come across a new mom just about anywhere like a mall, gym or the pediatrician’s office. Sometimes you may find a good mom friend in your area over the internet, social media is a big tool.

Be the first one to make the move

Happy mothers

Once you have located a mom you want to befriend, the next move is to approach her. Remember, don’t wait for her to come to you. If you have located someone, you would want to connect to, approach her. You must be wondering how to start the conversation? Well, the best way is to have a pick-up line. There are several of them like, “how old is your baby?” or you can talk about the baby gear. Appreciating her baby is amongst the trick to start a conversation.

Planning the play dates work wonders

Three mothers in living room with babies and coffee smiling

After the conversation has taken off the next best thing is to exchange contact information. There are several ways to stay in touch like on calls, text messages, Facebook, Whatsapp, discuss the best-suited platform to stay connected. Plan a play date, prefer to keep it at your home for the first time. If everything goes well you can plan more play dates with your new mom friend. There is no need to worry even if things do not work out between the two of you. By now, you have understood how to look for a new mom and approach her, keep the hunt on.

A companion with a similar mindset and situation will help you deal with the challenges of motherhood.

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