Decoding the process of throwing a Chef Theme Kid’s Party

Chef Theme Party

If you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated than a princess or dinosaur theme for your child’s next party, why not get everyone cooking with a chef theme? Kid’s love to cook (especially if they get to eat their creations) and they love to have a chance to act like little more grown up. With the right recipes, and even fun traditional chef’s aprons and caps, you can put together a fun gathering for any age group.

Set the Chef Theme Stage

Just like with any other party, the decorations are what make the theme.

Each child should have a chef’s apron, and possibly one of those puffy-topped hats that are part of a traditional chef uniform. Not only do aprons make a great costume, they will keep stains and messes to a minimum.

For a nice “fancy restaurant” touch, candles can safely be added to the tables or kitchen counters if you use the battery-powered kind. No fire hazards in case busy hands knock things over.

Giving your party a restaurant name can create the right atmosphere too. The traditional French approach of “Chez [name]” can work in a pinch, or you can get creative and come up with something more original. Put up a sign with the name, or even print up some inexpensive menu cards to create the restaurant illusion.

Choose Your Recipes

This is the bigger challenge of getting a good chef’s party together: picking fun recipes that are just right for the age group of kids.

For younger kids who aren’t really up to complicated measuring or handling anything hot, you could have prepared pizza crusts laid out with bowl of ingredients to let the kids “make” their own pizzas. Make it fun by adding in some unexpected ingredients like pickles or maybe even potato chips.

Pizza works well with older kids too, but you can probably let them actually make the crust dough too. There is really no end to the list of great kids’ recipe ideas.

You’ll want to stay away from any treats or dishes that involve sharp knives, Ensure that an adult is around at all times if kids are using oven.

What About Dining Guests?

A good chef needs someone to sample their cooking. So, if all the chef theme party guests are doing the cooking, who are they going to be serving? If you can manage it, you could have some adult friends or family members dropping by during the party. They could play the role of hungry restaurant visitors. Hopefully they won’t mind putting on a bit of a show as they place their orders.

Loot Bags

Every good party host gives the guests a little bag of goodies to take home. You can do it while keeping up the chef theme. Miniature spatulas and whisks with brightly colored silicone heads are fun “toys”. Available inexpensively at most dollar stores, kids can take them home.

And don’t forget to include a copy of the recipes you made; it will inspire your guests to show off their new cooking skills at home for their own parents. Maybe some “doggie bags” to take some leftovers home too.

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