What Can You Get Your Kids for Christmas?

What Can You Get Your Kids for Christmas

Have you heard of the 3, 4 or 5 gift rule for Christmas? We will tell you all about it, so you can have a little guide on the best options to present to your kids on Christmas. Is not only about this rule (which is functional), but moreover about avoiding spending lots of money on gifts your kids will be bored within a matter of hours,Or getting them something they already have because you can’t think of anything new. In addition, we will try to make it as cheap as possible by recommending you to grasp the sales Black Friday offers. From now on through Black Friday and Cyber Monday retailers are offering great deals you can take advantage of, to save as much money as you can. We know this has been a difficult year for most people, and the personal economy of most families is tight (especially if we are talking about a big family).

We know every parent loves to see the reaction of their kids to a Christmas tree surrounded by dozens of gifts, but let’s face it, that reaction last only a few minutes, and in the end, it could set the wrong example to your kids about the true meaning of Christmas, and about learning to be grateful for what they have (which could be difficult for them if they are presented with an excessive amount of gifts every time).

So let us take a closer look at these “gift rules” that are being implemented more and more by parents everywhere.

The Three-Gift Rule

It is based on the idea that the Wise Men presented Jesus with three gifts on the day he was born; but modern parents are implementing it as a way to encourage their children to be more thoughtful and less mooching when asking for gifts, and also to reduce the stress generated by holiday shopping and save money.
The three-gift rule consists of narrowing the gift list to three categories:

1- Something they want
2- Something they need
3- Something to read

The four- gift rule adds “Something to wear”; and the five-gift rule “Something they don’t know they want”. As you can see, they are pretty similar and the purpose is the same; to stop buying endless gifts (that most times remain unused).
By giving your children “something they need” you will be covering two aspects; on one side, you will be presenting your child with a gift and on the other side, you are making sure your money is being well spent by getting them something they really need and will definitely use.

The third category; “something to read” it’s a beautiful and essential one. Encouraging your kids to read is a wonderful gift. Reading stimulates your kids’imagination; it helps them develop language and allows them to expand their understanding of the world. If your kid doesn’t know how to read yet, it is not a problem, you can present them with books for kids their age, with more pictures and fewer words; or better yet, you can buy a book with bedtime stories for you to read to them aloud while going to sleep. They will learn and be motivated as much as if they were reading themselves.

The Benefits of Trying These Strategies

 christmas-gift-for-sweet-liitle-daughter.As we said, these strategies can help teach your kids thankfulness and remind them of the really meaning of Christmas.

Some parents even choose to explain to their kids that Santa brings only one gift (it could be the one they want, the one they didn’t know they wanted or the one you think would suit better) and that they are the ones that buy the rest of them. By doing this they keep the fantasy of Santa, but also show their kids that all those gifts are from them, and that means a lot of effort. This way the children understand that gifts are not magically made (at least not all of them, because the one that Santa brings is the exception) and allow them to be more thankful for the presents they get.

Of course, every parent has a different approach; you can adapt these tips to your preference.

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