7 Parenting tips for bringing up twins

Dealing with the Twins

A newly born baby can simply turn your life upside down, changing your lifestyle completely in every way. If a single baby can change your life, imagine what havoc twins can play if you are not able to deal with them in a proper organized manner. Parents need to put in extra efforts for bringing up the twins, and this can be a life changing experience for many. It is a challenging task and you need to make certain changes in your ‘pre-twins’ lifestyle to bring up the twins in a good manner. Follow some simple tips to successfully parent twins.

1. Set your priorities

It is understandable that managing time properly while handling twins would indeed be a difficulty. Children need a lot of care and time in the first year, thus you will have to manage time properly during the first year. This way you will also be able to save some time for yourself and finish other chores. Set your priorities depending on your family, schedule time for different chores related to children and the house as well. Prioritize your tasks, for the less important task utilizes your free time. This way you will be able to minimize stress and finish all the work on time. You can also manage to take out some free time for your own self and take care of your personal chores. There is no strict rule for setting your priorities, you just need to analyze what all you need to do and what is more important.

2. Take help from others

With the twins by your side you will be definitely overloaded with work, a second person can always help you in your work. Seek help from your family members, friends or domestic help if you can afford one. Involve your husband in your daily task, get him involved in growing up your twins. Do not hesitate in asking for help at all.

3. Keep yourself open to changes

Be flexible enough to not get bugged with the untimely tasks related to your twins. Keep your mind open towards all changes in routine. It is only the initial one-two years that you have to put in lots of efforts. Do not follow the same routine as your pre-twin days; accept the changes that the twins will bring along in your daily life. It is better to find out solutions to problems than to cry over them and get stressed. Be open to changes and accept them by finding good solutions. Make the growing up years of your twins stress free for your own self and involve your husband in the daily tasks.

4. Make lists of things to do

Bringing up twins involves a lot of activities such as feeding the twins, bathing the children, taking them for vaccination and other little things. Prepare list of all the things, small and big that you have to do. Mark calendars for important dates like vaccinations. With the twins in the picture, it is nearly impossible for you to remember everything and do things on time, thus it is always better to plan things ahead. You can use your mobile phone to set ‘things to do’ reminder. This way you will never skip any medicine dose, or doctor’s appointment. Properly organized list will also help you save time, and stay free of stress.

5. Keep baby products organized

Allocate specific areas for baby equipment. Keep things like baby shampoos, diapers, baby food, etc at one place so that you don’t have to waste time searching for them. Always maintain a stock of baby products to avoid last minute rush to departmental store. Keeping things at different locations will only kill your time. What you can do is clear out a cupboard and put all the baby products in it. Let both the children stay at one place or one room so that you are able to take care of both of them at one time.

6. Involve your spouse

Let your husband take charge of things completely and take a day off. Go out and do things that you like such as shopping, grooming, yoga, etc. This will help in improving your mood and keeping you free of any stress. Divide the night time as well so that you are able to take proper sleep which is crucial after a long day of dealing with the babies. Do not hesitate in involving your husband in bringing up the twins. This way you will not only avoid over load of work but also be able to involve the father to play significant role in the growth of twins and help him connect with the twins.

7. Keep stress at bay

Do not get stressed with all the work and tension. Initial years are always full of fatigue for the parents specially mothers. So, try and take out some time for you to relax. Do not over burden yourself with many tasks. Do what you are capable of and avoid getting involved in unnecessary chores that can be done later on. Stay close with your husband, talk to him about things and seek his help. Do not forget about your life as a couple. Take out time for yoga, it will help you de-stress.

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