Being tough is okay: Rules and restrictions are necessary for children

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We all know the importance of rules and restrictions, here is how you can implement them and teach your child the significance of these.

“No” means No

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When you have explained your child and given, her sufficient reasons then over doing it will defeat the purpose. Don’t you over explain your child? At times, you must be over negotiating too? What happens then? We become a bit more flexible every time and eventually the child learns not to follow the rules. The parents are the ones who unknowingly train their children to defy them. What happens is, when you say no to anything, the child keeps bothering you and ultimately you give in and the child gets the message that a “No” actually doesn’t mean a “No”.

You need to start training your child early, the later you start the tougher it becomes. Setting limits from the time, they are able to understand you is the right thing to do.If the child reacts and refuses to comply, inform her that you are not going to explain it further and just walk away from there.

Do not allow your child to make you bend

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After you have told the child that, you won’t discuss it furtherand the child is still arguing, you stop talking and walk away. The next possible step by your child would be to bring you back in the arena. The best and the simplest way to avoid this is by not responding to any back talk.If the kid screams and shouts, let her vent out and do not respond by shouting back. You shout back and the child will repeat it, increasing your tone will not help. Once you have explained to the child reasonably, that is essential to do, any further explanations will be futile.

Importance of setting limits

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The child learns about self-discipline when they are asked to be in a limit. Self-discipline will guide the child about the life as a whole, she cannot have fun all the time. Teach the child that the limits are set for her benefit and safety. When the child follows the instructions, appreciate her. Being a little flexible with the age will give a message to the child that you trust her. Explain to the child that you care for her and that is why the limit, even if she is not interested in listening. A time would come when she would be thankful to you.

Starting early and giving them the message that you are in charge will help in making your children adhere to the rules and restrictions.

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