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Twin Babies

Parenting is a 365 day round the clock job. All parents agree to one thing, that no matter how many ups and downs we face each day, at the end the smile of your little one makes everything worthwhile. But what about parents having twins? Two babies spaced out by some seconds is sure to make a new mom and dad go crazy. But with double challenge comes double joys as well. Twins generally have unique characteristics and if parents are able to understand these emotions correctly, then their parenting road will not be all that challenging. Here are some fantastic tips to help parents with twins to walk the road of new mom and dad’s.

Characteristics of twins

It becomes sometimes difficult to understand what characteristic the twins will show once they are born. Since, the gap is of only a few minutes at the time of birth, often the child who is born first doesn’t have the characteristics of a first born child. The parents will slowly observe that the personalities of the twins majorly develop based on their position in the family. Like if the twins are eldest kids in the family, then they will show characteristics of the first born. On the other hand, if they are the youngest, they will show traits of the youngest. Some parents have even observed that between twins, one twin takes on the characteristic of the elder child and the other twin follows. However, throughout their lives these personality traits may change and the elder role can be swapped as well. This makes parenting to a certain extent difficult for parents.

Tips for successful twins parenting

If you are parent of a twin then you have to take an altogether different approach towards things. Raising a single child compared to twins defines different tactics and methods to cope with situations. Take a look at these tips to help you out.

1. Understand that twins need to be parented differently

One thing parents with twins need to accept that they their parenting rules will now have to change. This is a change the entire family will feel. Since both the twins are of the same age, both of them need same kind of attention. Parents need to have a strong bond with each child. Every day you will face a number of challenges that will make you feel inadequate to handle everything on your own. The best way to go about it is take one day at a time and throw away all preconceived hopes and aspirations that you set for yourself as a parent.

2. Treat your twins as individuals

Don’t take it for granted that since they are twins they will behave and react in the same manner. Treat each child as an individual. It is extremely important that your child develops a personality of its own. Encourage your family members to also treat and love the twins as individuals. Call the twins by their own names. Dress them up differently. Don’t force the twin aspect on them. Instead treat them as two people with unique personalities.

3. Give individual time to each child

One of the most important thing that you need to do is give individual time to each twin on a regular basis. It is a bit challenging for twins to interact with parents with undivided attention. Make sure each child gets alone time with both of you. This will help them to become independent and help them build relationships, along with language and social skills as well.

4. Don’t compare your twins

It is very easy to start comparing twins and that is one thing that parents should avoid at all times. If you have already set your expectations high then it becomes difficult for the other twin to live up to it. And most parents do it unknowingly like which twin cries more, which one walked first and so on. Stop these comparisons at the very beginning. Don’t make one twin feel that their sibling is better than them.

5. Don’t neglect your other children

If you have other children except twins then it is very important that you don’t neglect them. For children who have twin siblings often find it tough to get any kind of attention from their parents, especially in the beginning years. Twins get a lot of attention even from friends and relatives and this makes the other children feel isolated. Make sure you can give sufficient time to each child. Yes, this is challenging but that is what parenting is about. Help your child bond with the twins so that they are happy with this new addition to the family.

Having a home with happy and healthy children is rewarding and challenging. It will require lot of disciplining, an extra dose of love and affection and loads of patience. You will be pushed to the edge several times, but then you will realize one day you have raised fantastic children.

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