How to help your child settle in when starting school

starting school

To go by the personal experiences of many parents, the day they had felt extremely anxious and nervous was the one when their tiny tot started school. Filled with a wide assortment of apprehensions, parents (especially mothers) just could not do anything else but waited anxiously until their child returned back to the entrance gate of the school.On the other hand, there are parents who deal with this entire situation with ease and the same goes for their kids as well. These are the parents who prepare their kids much before the time for the new routine. If you also desire to do the same, here are some helpful tips that would help your child settle in when starting school.

Listen to your child

 starting school

Your child is going to have some problems initially, which you cannot stop. However, you should listen to your child’s concerns patiently. No matter how trivial their concerns seem to you, you should try your best to listen to your kids carefully.

Make them understand

After listening to your child’s concerns, you are supposed to make them understand. You should make them accept that whatever they are feeling is normal but they need to get rid of all those feelings. Teach them to be calm, which works wonders in making children adjust to new situations and routines of school.

Encourage them to make friends

 starting school

The earlier your child makes friends; the better would be his settling journey. Whether it is about making friends on the school bus, in the class or on the playground, you should encourage your child.

Remind your child of all the good things at school

If your child refuses to go to school in the morning, you should lure him by reminding him all the good and fun things he can enjoy at school. Remind him of the fun breaks wherein he can play with friends and enjoy sharing lunch with them and much more.

Teach them how to use the toilet

 how to use the toilet

There is no doubt that teachers and staff would be there to help your kid at school but being independent could help your child a lot to settle in well when starting school. You should teach them the essential skills of using the toilet independently. After their every visit to the bathroom, they should be able to clean themselves very much on their own.


Starting school brings a big change in the routine that kids are used to. Parents can play a major role in enabling their children to deal with this change efficiently.

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