Organic perfume choices for pregnant women

Organic perfume

The usage of ordinary perfumes containing strong complex chemicals can give a bad outcome to pregnant women. This is not a myth but the truth, the reason being its ingredients. Believe it or not, the chemical ingredients of a perfume are so harmful that they can cause infertility and testicular cancer in an unborn baby boy of a pregnant woman. The main chemical ingredients of ordinary perfumes are ‘Phthalates’ which are not found in organic perfumes. Hence Organic perfumes are preferred over ordinary ones because of their natural ingredients. Some of the Organic perfume brands are mentioned below:

1. Jo wood

This brand of organic perfumes is Ecocert certified. It is high in rank as long as the Purity and Luxury of perfume is considered. It has many of its fragrances i.e. ‘Usiki’ organic eau de toilette which is spicy, woody and warm, it is made out of the blend of ‘rosemary and pineapple’ with ‘cardamom and hot ginger’; this blend stands good for the Swahili word ‘Usiki’ meaning night. This fragrance represents sophistication .Also ‘Amka’ which has floral and citrus fragrance. ‘Amka’, a Swahili word means ‘to wake’. Its fragrance represents energy and spontaneity. Its ingredients are green mandarin and sweet orange blended in with soft, spicy base of cedar wood. Its cost for the 50 ml bottle is £36.

2. Tsi La

Its perfumes are made out of natural essential oils. It goes with the concept of ‘Green luxury’ for its perfumes. Its perfumes are not only pure but also highly luxurious at the same time. So, it comes in equal competition with Jo wood as long as the purity and luxury of perfumes is kept in mind. It is undoubtedly special because of its mixed fragrance of lavender, warm tea and mint. It makes use of the highest and best quality of the botanical plants. It is not only free from Phthalates but also from petrochemicals and sulphate detergents as well. It sticks to the promise of maintaining inner balance with outer beauty for women. Its cost for 50 ml bottle is £90.

3. Ren Maya Rose

The perfumes have floral fragrances. The natural floral extracts are used in this brand. Its top notes are citrus, middle notes osmanthus, jasmine and tincture of rose, and base notes of spices and musk. Its ingredients are non- synthetic and are free from Phthalates. Not only are these perfumes phthalate-free but are also free from petrochemicals and sulphate detergents as well. These are more potent and long lasting as compared to the other perfumes in the industry. The cost for 50 ml bottle of Ren maya rose is £40. If one wants to order them, he/she would have to do it directly from Puresha.

4. Patyka

It is a luxury brand of perfumes available in several varieties of fragrance. Sophisticated botanical extracts are blend with oil in this brand of perfumes. Synthetics are not used in its perfumes. It is certified by Ecocert and is 95% natural. The speciality about the Patyka products including the perfumes is that all of them are made with a good research. It can be said to be the most natural and pure brand of perfumes. There are four fragrances of Patyka that were launched in 2009 namely- Ambre, Boise, Chypre and Hesperide. Its cost for 50 ml bottle is £80. It is easily available on

5. Florame

This brand’s perfumes can even be used by men. It is certified by Ecocert and contains non-synthetic colouring agents. It is known for its 100% pure and aromatic properties. Its fragrances range from Neroli orange blossom to vanilla. Florame is popular for its organic soaps as well. It makes use of the organic essential oils which are added to its organic alcoholic base. Its use of vegetable and plant ingredients makes it more natural. Some of its fragrance names range from the ‘Irresistible citrus’ to ‘radiant rose’. The cost of 50 ml bottle is £8.5.

The Organic perfumes once absorbed by the body do not have any chance of causing any inflammation or irritation as compared to the traditional chemical ones.

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