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Good parenting


Parenting is a tough task; getting to know your kids and befriending them is not easy. Children are sensitive and need attention. There are a number of challenges to deal with when they are growing up. Keeping an eye on younger children is very important. They have not yet acquired good judgment and gumption to take care of themselves. Whereas with age they mature and start to develop their own viewpoints. Parents should get to know their children and be armed with varied strategies to deal with diverse age groups. A bunch of A to Z parenting tips are given below to help you out.

A – Always watchful

You need to be alert about what’s going on in your children’s life. Keep a tab on their friend circles, grades, hobbies, etc. Any out of the ordinary behavior or actions should be inspected.

B – Be a role model

Set an example for them by being respectable and modest yourself. Be poised, upright, and courteous at all times.

C – Compliment your child

Nagging and reprimanding are not very good. If they are going wrong, explain to them the need to correct their manners or actions immediately. Encourage good behavior by complimenting them.

D – Dinner time is family time

Decide upon a time when the whole family will get together for a meal. It could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner; most families find time to get together for dinner.

E – Express your love

Let your children know that you care about them by hugging and cuddling them. Mollycoddle them with gifts, sweets and other delights.

F – Friendship

A strong relationship is based on friendship; make sure your child can relate to you and talk without hesitation.

G – Gifts

To appreciate their good efforts or for no particular reason sometimes, get them gifts. Buy toys, books, music or anything else they love. It makes them feel that they are cared about.

H – Household chores

Involve children in chores around the house like cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc. This makes them feel a part of the family.

I – Instill values

Teach children the difference between right and wrong. They should learn to respect and be obedient. They should not lie, hurt others, cheat on tests, delay homework, etc.

J – Just let them be

Do not preach or advice all the time. They will eventually stop listening to you. Let them develop their own individuality.

K – Keep in touch

Don’t just decide to talk to your kids out of the blue. You will not be able to gel with them. Keep enquiring about their life and whats going on every now and then. Spend some time with them every day.

L – Learn from your mistakes

No parent is perfect, if you make a mistake accept it and move on. Make sure you understand where you have gone wrong and take care to not repeat it in the future.

M – Money matters

Plan out all financials for your children’s secure future. Teach them how to handle finances. Start small and track how they spend their weekly pocket money.

N – No to drugs

There are so many vices in the world that we need to protect our children from. Teach them to stay away from drugs, smoking, rave parties, alcohol, and gambling.

O – Opt for discipline

Educate your children about responsibility, obedience and importance of following rules. Time management skills are crucial.

P – Pursue goals

Teach your kids to work hard and nurture an interest in life. Make sure they take their education seriously. Help them figure out what they want to take up in life and to put efforts to achieve their goals.

Q – Quick family prayers

Say prayers together on the same time every day. This makes the entire family will feel strong, peaceful and happy.

R – Respect privacy

It is very important to give children space, especially when they are into their teens. They should not feel like you are prying on them, ask for their permission before talking about sensitive issues.

S – Spend time with your kids

To develop a strong bond with your child, spend time with them every day. Eat meals together, cook, clean the house, watch TV, etc.

T – Talk to them

Do not be a parent who does not make any effort to know them. Talk to them about their fears, dreams, anxieties and ambitions.

U – Understand their emotions

Do not impose your judgment or thinking on them. Understand their perspective and tackle the underlying feelings that affect their decision making.

V – Voice your opinion

It is very important to make children understand that you are an adult and your advice would help them out. Do not argue, try to initiate a meaningful dialogue and make sure that you are heard.

W – Worry not

Although you want nothing to go wrong in your children’s life, stressing over small issues will do no good. Stay positive and be happy, tension will only multiply your woes and cloud your thinking.


Be prepared to handle unexpected problems when they arise. Life is full of surprises, be ready to take on unanticipated challenges.

Y – Yippe

Plan fun activities together like picnics, birthday parties, movies, etc. These will help you bond better with children. You will cross over the parent zone and become a friend.

Z – Zap up

Stay happy and positive all the time. Spread the cheerful vibe around you and make sure your children always have a smile on their face.

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