Pregnancy Pillows and their role in providing comfortable and sound sleep

If you are experiencing the joys of pregnancy and swiftly moving towards the end of your term, we are sure your anxiety levels are pivoting high. After the second trimester when your body starts gaining weight at a phenomenal level and your belly grows in size, many day-to-day activities start becoming tougher.

This includes sleeping too, when your belly pushes your organs, sleeping too becomes difficult and is often associated with frequent body aches. Pregnancy pillows can help you combat this tough ordeal.

Custom-fit full body pregnancy pillows

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Like a gift from the gods of pillows, these custom-made pillows contour according to your body and provide you support at all your chief zones. Providing you with full body support, full-body pillows are large body-sized and help decrease back, hip and neck pain while you sleep. Their comfort makes them the most popular choice among pregnant ladies.

Pregnancy wedge pillows

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These pillows are supposed to be placed under your tummy to support it while you sleep on your side. Hence these pillows are great to relieve pressure from your back and make sleeping on one side easier. Wedge pillows can also be placed between your knees to help align your back, hips, and legs. These are smaller than the full-body version and easier to move around and clean.

Side Pillow

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These easily portable pillows may appear small but function great for pregnant ladies. These pillows help you in lying on your sides and having a good night’s sleep with no morning aches. It will support your back and belly to reduce pressure from your hips, back, and legs. Designed with proper head-neck-spine alignment they additionally support your head and neck muscles and help them to relax.

Shaped pillows

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Pillows in the shapes of J, C, U, and V are available in the market these days. U and V shaped pillows are highly recommended for those of you who need a more comprehensive support to your back and neck. Among all the different shapes J-shaped pillows are the least popular.


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When your belly becomes heavier you will need added support for your back. The bean-shaped pregnancy pillows provide you with this additional support. They have straps on both sides to wrap around your body.

Flexible Pregnancy Pillows

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There can never be one particular shape to provide you with complete care and comfort throughout your pregnancy. This is where flexible pillows trump others. These pillows can be shaped the way you prefer to provide support to the region that you feel most stressed at. Their versatility makes them a great choice.

Pregnancy pillows have been known to be beneficial in letting mothers-to-be have a peaceful and comfortable sleep all night. They can support your growing belly and help your back, neck, leg muscles relax, so you wake up completely rejuvenated.

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