Pregnancy Guide

Organic perfume choices for pregnant women

The usage of ordinary perfumes containing strong complex chemicals can give a bad outcome to pregnant women. This is not a myth but the truth, the reason being its ingredients. Believe it or not, the chemical ingredients of a perfume are so harmful that t

Parenting tips for teen mothers

A recent study by a reputed institute has found that more than 7,50,000 parents are under the age of 20, with the United States of America topping the list in teenage pregnancies. To compound the burden of responsibility in the age of innocence, the soc

Bleeding gums during pregnancy

No woman likes her gums to bleed; they are a nuisance to anyone who appreciates oral hygiene. Those red, bloated, gums with a tint of redness on the corners indicate pregnancy gingivitis. What is pregnancy gingivitis? It is a disease of the gums with the

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