Pressure of sibling rivalry can break your home

sibling rivalry

When you have siblings at home, it is natural that there will be fights, misunderstandings and problems. Parents equally have a tough time because of the fights between siblings. As long as it is just a fight and nothing serious, you have nothing to worry about. However, if things take an ugly turn, then it can be so disastrous that it can even break your home. Scary but true, sibling rivalries can actually break a house in such a manner that it cannot be fixed. Let us look at some of the reasons why sibling rivalry can be so disastrous.

Competition between siblings


Today, even between siblings, there is a lot of competition. The want to be better than the other can often result in the development of competition. In some cases, this can be good; however, if it goes to the extremes, it can be harmful.

The want to be wanted

One of the biggest problems in children today is the want to be wanted. The acceptance factor is often a result of the environment and lives of the people around them. It gets even worse when they are in an environment where they are compared to each other regularly.

Bottled up emotions and feelings

sibling rivalry

If you have children who speak things out in the open then it is a good thing. However, if you have kids who do not speak their mind out, then emotions tend to bottle up. This can also cause many misunderstandings between the siblings and can result in a dirty situation. The release of the bottled up emotions can come out in the most unexpected manner that will be difficult to control.

Children today deal with a lot

The life that children lead today is quite stressful. They have to deal with many things at a very early age. Parental pressures, social responsibilities, performance in studies are some of the many things that children face today. Even if you look at their circle of friends, you will find that children of today have to do a lot just to fit in.

There are many other reasons and factors of sibling rivalry, which can be a result of a home breaking. Since the children of today mature faster than their age, their minds are really prone to negativity. The reality is that today, the lives of children are not ruled by them but by external factors which unfortunately hold a lot of importance.

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