The Most Efficient Ways to Choose Phonics Books for 5 Years Old

Choose Phonics Books for 5 Years Old

There is a lot of buzz around teaching phonics and its efficiency nowadays. A lot of people find it as one of the crucial parts of learning a language, others consider it an outdated method. First, let’s understand what phonics is. Shortly put, phonics is a part of linguistics that helps children learn how to accurately spell separate letters and letter groups and form words or sentences. When phonics is missed out from a child’s curriculum, one can end up with issues of reading and even comprehending texts. Let’s get closer to the main reasons to include phonics as an essential part of learning a language.

As you might have already understood, without learning phonics it would be much more difficult for children to learn a language and understand how to correctly spell the words because they simply do not recognise individual letters. Not only will this help them efficiently read texts but also improve the fluency in reading. Pronouncing words correctly will give them confidence and help comprehend long texts easily.

It is important to teach children phonics from early ages. There are special books from children of all ages. If books for 3-4 mainly concentrate on listening skills such as hearing rhymes, phonics books for 5 years old gradually teach children how to pronounce letters and then word combinations. For example, The Bear Can Read, has specially curated bundles for children starting from 2 years, to start developing reading skills and then eventually become an independent reader as early as at the age of 8 or sooner.

This time our focus is on books for children at the age of 5. Parents sometimes have difficulties in choosing phonics books for their little ones. We have decided to share the most efficient ways to develop reading skills.

 How to develop reading skills of 5 years old?

To sow love towards reading in your child should start as early as possible. Even when you read books for them, you help create a bond between them and books opening up the world of literacy for your children before even entering school.

Phonics books

Reading activitiesFor sure, the number one option is phonics books. This type of book usually stands out with letter repetition and easy readable words and sentences. They won’t create complexities for them. If a child doesn’t understand what he/she reads, eventually one starts to hate reading. Phonics books teach children that sentences are made of words, words are made of letters, letters in their turn of sounds, and in the end, the sounds can be either vowels or consonants. They help them connect all they learn and make sentences easily.

Reading activities

To make the reading process more enjoyable for your child, you can create a list of interesting reading activities for them. For example, you can ask your child to copy out letters using a stamp or magnet or anything else and pronounce them while copying out. When reading a book for your baby, you can ask him/her how the story will go on in their opinion, let them use their imagination and talk. Choosing books based on the interest of your child is another great way to keep him/her engaged. Note, that books with big visuals attract more than bare texts. There are a lot of other activities that you can come up with to raise your child’s interest in reading or simply pronouncing words.

A few great examples of phonics books for your 5 years old

reading phonics bookIn the grand ocean of the internet, there are a lot of resources to find phonics books for your children. There are a lot of books that are boring or do not include step-by-step progression. Penguin gathered a series of easy-to-read books for children of the age of 5 to help them gradually improve their skills.

  1. Ladybird I’m Ready for Phonics: Say the Sounds
  2. Captain Comet’s Space Party Ladybird I’m Ready for Phonics: Level 1
  3. Ladybird I’m Ready… to Look and Say!
  4. Workbook 3: I’m Ready for Phonics
  5. Knock! Knock! Ladybird I’m Ready to Read

Also, there are also a lot of interesting online clubs or groups that can help your children start their reading journey offering them a personalized reading package based on their needs, skills, and interests.

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