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Are you tired of common names like John and Jennifer suggested by your friends, colleagues and family members? Then you need to go left of center and find some alternative sources to find ideas on baby names. Because unusual and creative names will not only make your child stand out in the midst of the Davids and Sarahs, it’ll also induce people to make positive assumptions about your kid. Celebrities always pick the most unusual and creative names for their children. Because as it is, the name matters in showbiz. As a matter of fact the name matters everywhere. So go ahead, be creative and if you’re lacking ideas check out some of the unusual sources for baby names mentioned in this article.

1. Fantasy games on the internet

We’ve all played games when we were young, but the games these days are not limited to Pacman and Mario anymore. There are some awesome fantasy based games out there on the internet and they’re free to play too. The characters in these games have some really beautiful and creative names, which will definitely blow your mind. When you spend time playing games on the internet, you will come across some really creative names. For example, Inglor (from Zombie Inglor), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy), Ballyhoo (adventure quest), etc. Play games based on fantasy and mythology, you’ll find some really cool and unique baby name ideas from there.

2. Comics and children’s books’ characters

Comics too have some insanely awesome names which your kids will love to grow up with. Obviously we’re not thinking of Superman or The Hulk, but some offbeat characters, like an unnoticed character from X-men, etc. ‘Marvel’ has a huge collection of superhero characters and each of their names signify something mystique. For example, Andromeda, Bridge, Chimere, Gaia, Omega would be really cool names and they’ll be much praised by their class mates and friends.

Also try and look into children’s books. They always have some sweet and meaningful names. Names like Madeline, Charlie, Alice are classic children’s book characters. Sort out the first names from characters like Snow White (Snow), Red Riding Hood (Red), Olga da Polga (Olga), etc. Also consider classic names from ‘The Jungle Book’, which has characters named in a foreign language (Hindi). For example, Mowgli, Akela (someone who stands alone) and Raksha (protection).

3. Mythology and literature

If you want some really fancy names, mythology is the place to look for it. How about naming your daughter Valkyrie? Valkyrie, according to Norse mythology, is the guardian angel of soldiers. How about Thor as a name for your son? Thor is the God of thunder according Greek mythology. Okay, maybe Thor and Superman are blood brothers of humor. But the list is endless, you’ll surely find one to suit your child. For example, Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena are classic mythological names. If you’re looking for something nocturnal or wicked, Dionysus, Poseidon, Chronos, Nyx are pretty hardcore.

4. Meaningful names from other cultures

In many cultures, names have deep inner meaning beneath them. You can interpret the idea and consider meaningful names for your baby. For example, Sage, Serenity, Mercy, Prudence, Virtue, Bliss, Destiny, Faith, Trinity, Dream are somewhat spiritual, saintly and they’ll also stand out in the crowd.

Also if you want to take it one step further, think of some offbeat and abstract names like Absolute, Secret, Meaning, Riddle, Temperament, Kismet (Fate in Turkish), etc.

But, make sure they don’t turn into a joke due to first name last name combination. For example, Adam Baum can easily turn into Atom Bomb, Ben Dover sounds like Bend Over if read it together. Also if you’re going to name your child a foreign name or word, make sure you know it’s meaning. There is a story of a foreign couple who moved into the US. They did not know much English. They could read a bit and one day they read ‘Diarrhea’ and it sounded beautiful to them. They thought it is related to ‘Dear’, so they named their daughter Diarrhea!

5. Hobbies and profession

Do you have a hobby or a offbeat profession? Try looking for a name surfing from your own turf. For example, if you’re a musician by hobby or profession, look out for musical terms which sound very melodious too. For example, Lyric, Melody, Harmony, Alto, Aria, Solo, Cadence, Rhapsody can all make great names.

Other professions and hobbies too generate a lot of beautiful names. For example, if you’re an artist or a painter by hobby, you can consider uncommon colors as names. For example, Auburn, Hunter (green), Amber, Aqua, Sterling, Fuchsia, Magenta, Scarlet, etc. Maybe the whole platform can be a name – Canvas, how’s that for an abstract name?

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